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Middlemore Hospital Birth Rss

Hi There,
I was just wondering if anyone can give me some more recent information at birthing at Middlemore Hospital. How did you find the facilities, staff etc. Also are you able to tell me what they supplied....nappies, maternity pads etc? (Packing my hospital bag in the next few days and just not wanting to go too overboard on things they may already supply).
Also, did you then transfer to one of the birthing units and how did you find them.
Any information you can give me would much appreciated.....34 weeks now and this is starting to get real smile
I birthed at middlemore after my daughter arrived four weeks early. My delivery room was spacious and extremely clean and tidy. I have no complaints about the facility and staff. The hospital provided everything I needed eg nappies, pads ect. I then transferred to botany birthing unit four hours after the birth.

Good luck mumma
I gave birth at middlemore just over a year ago now. The room was ok, quite big and i had my own bathroom. But i wanted to have water birth but they have limited rooms with this and was "in use" when i went into labour. The only staff i dealt with there was at check in. As i was very lucky and birthing went very good and as i requested i only had my midwife in the room. They were great and respected my privacy. Then i too was transferred to botany birthing unit. Which was fantastic all the ladies there were so lovely and i would do it again if i was still in auckland.

You really don't need to take much stuff, a clean change of clothes for yourself and some stuff for a shower. They provide new born nappies and maternity pads. Don't over pack is the best advice i can give you smile

Good luck and i hope you enjoy your time at middlemore

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