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Vaginal delivery after broken pelvis?? Rss

Hi there. I am 14 weeks along with my first baby and was told at my first OB appointment that I need a C-section due to a previously fractured pelvis.

I am pretty devastated that I can't try for a vaginal delivery and wondering if others have had this problem? Or have others gone on to have a healthy vaginal delivery after a fractured pelvis?

My OB seems very pro C-section in general and it worries me that he is just pushing for what will be convenient and least risky for him.

any advice would be much appreciated as I feel really lost on this.
Hello, congratulations on your pregnancy. I haven't experienced this myself but it may depend on what kind of fracture you had, and what sort of treatment you had. For example if you had to have surgery it may be different than if you were treated non operatively. Even with the surgery a lot may depend on what type of surgery, if you have a plate across your pubic symphysis the result may be different than if you have screws somewhere else in your pelvis. I don't know how it works in Australia but is there a chance you could talk with an orthopaedic surgeon about it? Definitely look into it more, and if you think your OB is very pro c-section then could you get a second opinion? Good luck smile
Hi There,
I broke my pelvis as a teenager and had screws put in to it. 10 years on I am having my first baby and am 41+4 and awaiting our little boy to make an appearance. I was told at the time that I would need to have a c-section when I came to have children. Once I got pregnant I found it was really important to me to atleast try a natural birth even if it ended in a c-section. When I saw the specialist he was quick to say well lets book you in for a c-section but I asked if there was any other options and if I could atleast trial labour - he was more than willing to let me try. As the above poster said, it's possible that depending on how your fracture was treated may influence how you can birth but it is certainly worth while telling you OB that you would like to try a natural birth and maybe seek a second opinion if you don't feel like he would look at that option.
I had decided that unless they could give me a definitive reason as to why I couldn't try naturally that I wasn't going to just give in an have a c-section.
I will post again when I have had baby - hopefully with a successful vaginal birth story for you smile
Good Luck
Hi, I broke my pelvis 4 years ago and had 3 screws placed. 2 in the back and 1 in the front. I already had 2 boys before the accident and I'm now pregnant with my 3rd. Honestly I'm scared about the pain. I had my 2 boys vaginal and I guess I'm the opposite of you ladies, I kind of want a C-section because I'm afraid of having it vaginal with these huge screws. I'm having mixed emotions. My first doctor appointment is in 2 weeks. Let's see what she says!
Good luck to us all!!
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