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Vbac 2 Lock Rss

Hi I've just found out i'm pregnant with baby no 3 and I would really like to hear and stories of vbac2 births and any info would be great. I'm based in perth and had last bub at KEMH and thinking my best bet it to birth with them again. They were lovely and extremely supportive!
Hi there smile
Congrats on your pregnancy!
I had a VBA2C 20 months ago.
I chose to hire a private midwife who was able to support me at a hospital birth and a home birth.
My little one was born at home, in water at 42wks pregnant. My labour was less than 3hrs from first pain to having my baby in my arms. It's amazing what your body can do when you feel relaxed and supported.

Would you consider hiring a doula?

I am kitty wink

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