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Preparing your vagina for birth. Getting a fit vagina. You will be so grateful. Lock Rss

A little story about how I birthed a 4.4kg baby boy and bounced back almost immediately.

You see, I'm 40 years old, I never planned on anymore children and I came into this surprising pregnancy with great commitment and embrace.
My first baby, Ruby, was born four and a half premature weighing in at 2.82kg (6 pounds 3oz). I was given an epidural and remember 14 years ago, going 'ouch'. I had done a lot of pelvic floor exercises (kegel) and it was a fairly reasonable recovery. Two years later, Harley, arrived on Good Friday, his due date, weighing in at a whopping 4.5kg (9 pounds 9 oz), I come from a lineage of big babies, we have big Australian bones, of British and German genes. I remember feeling extremely sensitive. I was petrified of doing a poop. I felt smashed up to say the least. I was given standard issue four hourly pain relief in my hospital bed. I thought on day 2 I was going to bleed to death, I was not, I was just in a lot of pain.
Fast forward to 24 January 2014, five days before Leo's due date, he arrived. At home in our outdoor bath, with no drugs, doctors or trauma. Just 2 sweet midwives, my husband and my best friend.
Sure it hurt, he was 4.4kg (9 pounds 7oz). But half an hour later, I sat on the toilet leant forward and did a wee. And it was absolutely fine. Like no pain. No sting, Nothing. I was like.... oh my GOD. Then I drew in my pelvic floor and moved around all my well exercised muscles and no pain. WOW.
My husband and I were laying in our bed in our room with our new son, an hour had passed of our bonding time and my midwife came in and said. Can you please explain to me how you did that; ?.

I thought you are a very experienced midwife, I think you might have some idea. I made a joke and she very seriously said, you just gave birth to a very large baby. His head got stuck for a WHOLE contraction before he came out (yes this is true and was insane at the time but interestingly incredibly manageable). Then you go to the toilet with complete ease. Now we have an inspection and you don't even have a graze. And you look 'normal', not like you just gave birth.
I said, Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I was match fit for the event. Another inquisitive look. I had trained for my birth.
I very seriously planned a home water birth. I used my Jade Egg at least three times a week. I ate healthy food and drank a lot of green juices. I mediated everyday and I believed that I would achieve this. I was not attached to the outcome and if that changed at anytime I was ready for it. (The benefits of being a mature woman).

Back to my vagina.... she said in all her 15 years of midwifery she had not seen such a feat and bounce back ever. We had a long talk about Jade Eggs. I myself was a little surprised and totally beyond happy with the result.

What happened in the next two weeks blew my mind. Day 2 post birth, I felt a lot of physical pain, I guess my hips, pelvis, and body going through such an incredible maneuver that is birthing a 4.4kg angel. Again, I chose to have no drugs and ride out this one day of uncomfortableness knowing 'this too shall pass'. And of course it did.

Then I did the previously dreaded poop, again, no problems.

I did not insert the egg, as I was still bleeding but I did do my pelvic floor exercises every day with my strong fit muscles, the result of Jade eggs use and within a week. I felt no physical stress on any part of my 'ladies parts'.

It was at the two week mark exactly and my husband politely asked if making love was an option. I felt ok physically, I felt fine in my hips and pelvis. I said, we could try. Honestly not sure if it would be painful at all.

Again, to my surprise, it was wonderful and no pain. I felt so strong and sensually sensitive and powerful in my feminine essence. This I know is because of my regular egg practise.

So I just had to share this with you, it was such a different experience from my other births and now, I feel as if I'm in the best shape of my life internally.

Pregnant women all around the world need to know this story, so they can make a choice if its something they want to try. If you know anyone who is pregnant or planning on it, give them the Jade Eggs Online web link or even buy them a set.

I cannot express how wonderful my post birth time was with very little pain to deal with and just masses of Mumma time and cuddles.

With Grace and Gratitude,

Hi fellow Mumma, I can see how you may feel that it was a post to promote the eggs. And of course it is. I would love every pregnant woman in the world to have access to these. For me the after birth time was significantly more lovely than my other two births and my body is in incredible shape due to this practise. I am in a more inner healthy condition than before I was pregnant. I can even do starjumps. My point is, we look after our skin, we go to the gym to lose our thighs, we drink green juices to be more aware of our health. Our womb and our womens health is paramount. Its the gateway to life, it being in the best condition during pregnancy, importantly for birth and after, surely that is something to gift yourself.

The intention for this post is to share information to global sisters creating life on this planet. Sharing the love. wub
it was lovely to meet your vagina smile

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

FYI tongue

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