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Scared about 4th time around.. Lock Rss

Hi ladies
Iam currently pregnant with bub #4 the other 3 kids I had really quick and easy labours no drugs or complications.... Though with this one Iam freaking out big time thinking of all the things that could go wrong.. I've seen a few bad deliveries this year and thinking this could be the reason for my big freak out... Does anyone else feel this way about there upcoming labours
I was really worried about having my last baby which was number 3... My other births weren't too bad but my last was what i would say perfect... Everything went really smoothly. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies... I'm probably just worrying over nothing... But this pregnancy seems to be worrying me a lot more then the others haha
Hi I had my 4th baby bout a week ago , labour wasn't as smooth as my others but than again every birth is different .. And it was my first baby girl. It's good to be prepared because I thought since I walked a lot and had heaps of water that labour would progress fast but boy was I wrong I was in labour almost 30hrs with irregular contractions they would be 3-5mins apart than all of sudden slow right down to 10-15mins apart , pushing wasn't any fun either I had a big baby and she was in an awkward low position. I got a third degree tear and had to go to theatre to get stitches. So I think my 4th was the most challenging labour. I do hope it goes smoothly for you tho.
I am sure that you know what is normal for your labours and you will know if things are not right and can tell your midwife. #4 for me was a nice fast delivery just like the others. It took me until #5 to learn that gas is good.
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