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Who do I have in the room for the big moment? :/ Lock Rss

Hello lovely ladies grin

Im only 20 weeks pregnant with my first little miracle right now and ALREADY I'm having family, friends and even some in-laws asking weather or not they're going to be welcome in the room for the actual birth.
My initial reaction is a polite "Hell no!" as I really only want my Hubby, Mummy and best friend (shes a great calming person) in the room, but I am super interested as to who you guys had there with you

Thaaaanks!! grin
Just DH and my MW plus a second MW when I was pushing.

You might want to check with ur MW how many people you are allowed.

Just dh and midwives and dr. I don't think you want too many people

Just hubby and midwife for my first.
Oh crap I didn't even think about the fact there might be a limit haha good excuse to say no to the rest then huh? grin

So just Mum and Hubby sounds good yeah? Im really worried hes not going to be great under that pressure when he gets to it :/
You should be allowed to have 2 people, maybe three would be pushing it.
I had dh and my midwife, but as we were at the hospital (not planned) we also had a hospital midwife and she was having orientation as just moved from another hospital, so another midwife with her. Then when it got to actual birth about 12 people in all (according to dh) but by that point I did not care who was there smile

I just had my partner at the time. His mother and sister turned up uninvited and asked the nurses to see me but I just said hell no! So they were sent away. Found it pushy and rude considering I'd told them I only wanted him there.

Just do what you're comfortable with, you don't have to have anyone there that you don't want. It's about you not them so you decide.
Because I had a section I was only allowed one person with me, so my husband came in but we had planned for that anyway. I was very much against anyone else being in the room with us.
I just had Df and will be the same this time.
Wow, I can't believe people are actually asking you if they can be in the room.
Seems odd to me, even a bit rude.

I had DH and MIL for my son (unfortunately my mum didn't make it). I think that hospital didn't have a limit but suggested no more than 3.

This time ill be having DH and hopefully my mum and this hospital allows 3 people in the room.

I just had DH and the midwives. This time will be the same.
I didn't want anyone else. Didn't see a need for them. And wouldn't want them to see me like that anyway!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Thanks so much for that ladies grin

Yeah its a bit off having people ask.. (or demand in one case!) to be in the room at all so I was really worried that I would have to actually tell them to F off! One even asked if she could record it :/
My family and in laws can be very much, "I'll do what I want" sort of people so its made me feel so much better that I can tell MW to not let them in and not have to worry.

As for my Hubby, if he turns out to be completely useless that will just suck I guess haha I really want my Mummy there but if its her or Hubby he'll have to step up to the mark.
Im sure he'll be fine wink fingers crossed he doesn't pass out!
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