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Who do I have in the room for the big moment? :/ Lock Rss

WIth my first I want my mum, sister and husband. THought it would be long an they could take it in turn. IN the end my dad drove us in, my inlaws got the wrong mesage and came to the hospital and my dad showed them in. I was on the floor in the doorway naked on all fours so once they walked in they couldn't get out. my sister had to come from 1 hour away and dad picked her up and both arrived in the last few minutes. I was only there 1 hour before bub came and in the end had 6 family members and 1 midwife at the actual birth.

For the 2nd plan was mum would watch my son and Hubby drive us in ( was scared the first time), no one else was to be told until after birth. Instead mum was over 1 hour away so mother in law was called and my family were told as too far away to come to hospital in time. Me, hubby, 2 Midwife and student midwife were at the birth

3rd birth mum watched kids (no one else knew) . my student midwife and planned midwife were to far away so had a substitue midwife, student doctor , hospital midwife and hubby at birth.

Not followed a birth plan as yet always plan C that occurs.
Best advise i can give is only tell people you want to come that you are in labour.
I've been considering same. I ended up accidentally being a birth partner to my sister in laws first only as I was with them during labour (induced) to help support my brother n be there if he needed a break. I made it clear to the MW that she needed to tell me what point to leave so I wasn't there as requested, but then as it was time for me to leave my SIL asked me to stay to keep supporting her. Most amazing moment of my life so far.

While in labour, I did have to ward off both mothers several times as they weren't welcome and even had to get the MW to personally tell one mum not to come! The MW's told us its often better to have inexperienced people there as mums and MIL often just share their own experience n try to over-ride advice the MW gives...

I originally wanted DP, midwife and my friend, but when my waters broke I made the decision to tell my friend I didn't need her anymore.

However, next time I would like her there though. DP's coping mechanism was to go stoic and silent and he's not a chatty person at the best of times so he mostly just told me I was doing great and hovered around me. I was more concerned about how he was half the time. I needed some 'lightness'. Someone to talk with in between contractions, someone to get me through the first few hours of labour when I was miserable and fighting the contractions and DP was miserable because I was miserable. Haha.

Luckily, I was able to tell several friends and family members I was in labour and not have them expecting to be let in to the birthing room etc but as other people have said, tell the midwife who is welcome and that nobody else is unless you specifically request it. That way, you have no idea there are people lurking in the hallways expecting to come in, and extend that to a set period of I time after the birth too.

Just hubby and I!! Plus medical might want to check how many people are allowed. The Mater in Brisbane is 2 only plus mum

Sewing my way through pregnancy -

It was just hubby and I (other than midwives). For me personally it's a very intimate time and I only wanted the experience between hubby and I smile
I was surposed to only have my Partner, My Mum, my support (mums best friend, shes like a second mum to me) and the MW and Student MW. We ended up at Christchurch Womans instead of at Burwood so I also had the Ob and his team plus the hospital MW.
I'm having hubby and both our mums and if I'm allowed one more after that it'll likely be my best friend
I had my husband for all of my 5 births so far (I was lucky that he was either at home or not far at the time). I have had a midwife each time, some medical students and doctors for the last birth as she was a wee bit early.

As this baby is your first and you don't have to drop other children off any where could you just not tell others that you are in labour, then no one will turn up unwanted.
Im just having my hubby and mum if all goes according to plan!
I'll just be having the hubby with me this time round. My mum is the babysitter for our other kiddies smile

It can be hard to decide who you want in there with you but I have found hospitals to be only really accommodating for 2 support people. I guess it gets a little crowded once you count medical staff as well. It is a very personal time for you and you'll never be more vulnerable than when you are giving birth so always best to think about who you really want to see you like that and who you really want to share one of the most magical moments of your life with
I only wanted my husband, my midwife, and any necessary medical staff to be there. I wrote that in my birth preferences (not a plan!) and joked ahead of time that of all of my preferences, this was the one that I could actually control...WRONG! My in-laws arrived from out of town and came to the hospital to wait in the waiting room, as I had also told them that I didn't want any visitors. But when they arrived on the ward, the stupid ward clerk told them my room number and said to go on in! They of course thought that I said it was okay, which I most definitely did not. I lodged a formal complaint with the hospital about this.
The hospital I'm going to has a 3 support person limit. I'm only having DH, my mum and his mum allowed, the mums mostly because they need to escort his other 2 kids in and out. At 7 and 10 they want to be there too. There is tight security on the birth suite so I can pretty well trust that intrusions will be limited/prevented.
I agree with others though, just don't tell the rest of them that you're in labour! Have your support people sworn to secrecy and alert everyone else afterwards when you get to the ward and are ready for visitors. If anyone gets offended its their problem. Your baby so you say what happens. Just be firm.
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