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Who do I have in the room for the big moment? :/ Lock Rss

For DS1 I had DH and my mum there, I had mum as i was pretty scared but we also weren't married so if anything went really bad my mum could take over my care and hubby would go with bubs, luckily it was smooth sailing but was great to have them both as my mum was a very calming influence on both of us. I also had two midwives as the first was meant to go home but wanted to stay for the birth.

For DS2 we had my mum watching DS1 and I just had hubby in the room with me me and midwife with a male student doctor/nurse, he hadn't got to see many vaginal births as many said no but he has to learn somehow and he was quite good.

For #3 it will be just hubby and me with my midwife, and the student midwife will attend too.

Too many people can spoil the event, and this is your baby so I would be telling all the other family members to F off, lol. they can know a few hours after the birth to give you guys some alone time.
make a schedule for family to visit if you need to as too many at once can really overwhelm you.

just my hubby, didnt want anyone else, good luck
I had my first baby in Feb this year, I only wanted my partner, midwife and mum with me and Im glad I had each of them there.

My partner was like a second midwife lol, I braced my feet on both their hips and I held onto my mums arm and pushed with all my might smile

My big sister waited outside the room.

All the best to you for your birth smile

Hey Gorgeous. Hope you are doing good. Well, it is a bit odd for people asking you to take them along with you in the room. It seems strange to me. I just allowed my husband to come in. He was a great supporter. The only two person with me were DH and my husband while I was pushing. Two of my sister in-laws wanted to accompany us. I simply refused. Though it was harsh and sounded rude. Anyways, Good luck for you delivery.
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