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Water Birth Experiences Lock Rss

I'm pregnant with my first (in my 18th week) and am very interested in a water birth. I feel like it'll help me try and stay calm during labour and have read up on them.
I'd love to hear from your personal experiences though!
I've had 2 water births, couldn't imagine doing it any other way.
Was very helpful with pain relief and helping me to relax, although with my first I think I may have got in a little too early, started to cramp up in my legs but didn't want to get out. So if you are wanting to birth in the water wait a little before getting in, or if you just can't wait to get in, hop out for a walk around at some stage.
I am definitely planning on having another water birth when number 3 arrives in October.
Good luck!!


I laboured in the pool at my birth centre. I had a posterior bub and it really took away the back ache. I stayed home as long as possible and it really boosted my spirits and gave me a new outlook once I got to the birth centre and pool. I was less miserable (that backache in between contractions really sapped my spirits) and 'went' with the experience much more. I got out frequently and walked around. I didn't birth in the pool, as my labour stalled, probably because I started pushing too early but I've heard the pool can do it too if you get in too early.
I recommend it. It gave me something to look forward to, and therefore put me in a better frame of mind and therefore was a great experience.

All the best smile

I too laboured in water (not the pool but a bathtub). My DS was posterior and the pain was so excrutiating that I was unable to walk around and so sitting (or squatting) in the tub was much better and took the edge off a bit. Unfortunately I ended up having to have help with the forceps as he was stuck, so didn't end up with a water birth.
I have never spent long in the pool possible 10min each of the three times I have used a pool during labour/birth as my labours are fairly fast (2.5hrs to 30min labours). I found that pushing babies out in the water hurt a lot less than on dry land.
I would highly recommend it. I am pregnant with my second and will be having another water birth (hopefully). I was 7cms when i got to the hospital and within 15minutes or so of getting into the water i was fully dilated. My current midwife describes it as an aqua-dural (epidural), that tells your body to relax. The water really helps take the weight and stress off your body. Hopefully it will be a great experience for you too. Good luck with your birth!
Thank you for all your replies! It's good to hear from people who've experienced a water birth.
I used a pool during my Labour. I highly recommend it, my wee boy was posterior and we didnt find out til about 3 hours after I was moved from the specialized birthing suit at Burwood in Christchurch (they dont have all the electronic equipment) to the Womans Hospital. I felt next to no pain and would have been in the pool about 6 hours. My midwife told me if he haddn't been posterior that I would of had him in the pool not long after I got in it grin They really help take all the stress off of your muscles and joints.
I wanted a water birth and did labour for quite some time in there but as most of my pain was in my back i found sitting on a chair in the shower with the water focused on my back helped more and then my DD got stuck so had to try and climb out of the bath with her head half out (was back in bath at this stage) so I personally didnt find it that helpful but will defo try again this time to see if it works
I had a fabulous water birth with my second daughter - she was born in the water, it was fantastic for pain relief and I would highly recommend it!!
i spent about 4 hours of my labour in a bath- then got told to get out so they could monitor baby where i had to be on the bed. i think i had to get out because i kept falling asleep in. but the water helped relax the body so much. i wish i was allowed to stay in the bath, because lying in bed for the next 14 hours ended up with emergency caeserian.

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