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Natural drug free birth VS pain relief! Lock Rss

I'm 4 weeks out from my due date for our DS2, just after experiences from those who have had a natural drug free birth AND a birth using pain relief options (epidural, morphine, tens, sterile water injections etc)
What labour and birth did you prefer? And what pain relief options worked/didn't work for you.

I had a natural birth with DS1 and birthed him posterior without assistance. By the time we arrived at the hospital, I was told it was too late for an epidural as I was already 9cm dilated. I had two sucks on the gas, but it just made me feel sick and really drunk, it didn't assist with the pain so I stopped. I was pushing for over 2hrs as baby was in a bad position, and I was exhausted and traumatised with the amount of pain I was in.
If this baby presents the same way (posterior) I will be using a pain relief option, but just wanted to hear others experiences too.
I keep telling myself 'you've done it before without, you can do it again' but have another part of me saying if it's there why not use it and enjoy the birth rather than be terrified of it.

TIA smile

First bub I had 2 shots of pethidine which was helpful with getting me to sleep between contractions even if it was only for a few mins. 2nd I had only 1 shot and gas which made me vomit. 3 and 4 were both natural but in saying that they only took 2 1/2 hrs each. Its hard to say which I preferred for myself cause the length of time varied and was the main contributor to each decision. But with baby the natural births led to them being much more alert than the first 2. I never liked the idea of epidurals due to the high risk of needing assistance and getting cut down there eeeep!!
I have six children, the first four were drug free the last two I used gags. I found gas good, when I take enough I feel no pain at all. You can feel a little drunk but I deal with that better than pain. If you try gas then don't like it you just stop and its out of your system fairly fast.
DD I had a shot of pethidine about an hour before she was born. I'm not sure if it was the pethidine or coincidence but 10min after having it I went from 6-10cm dilated. I don't remember much of her birth, was pushing for 40min apparently, but because of the pethidine I was pretty out of it and I don't think my pushing was very effective. She was also quite sleepy when she was born. She wasn't posterior but I have all my contractions in my back, I never feel anything in my belly..

DS I had nothing, was in a better position and he came out after a few pushes. It hurt like anything, don't remember the ring of fire from DD but I felt it with him! But once he was born screaming I managed to feed him pretty quickly, and it actually remember it all. I would do it without the drugs next time because i didn't like what it did to me.

Never tried gas, my mum said she hated it cos it made her sick so I have steered clear of it. Saying that, I was in hospital for 1.5 hours before dd was born and 20min before DS was born, so I'm probably not the best example!

All the best with your labour, and remember that the pain relief is there to be used, so if it will make you 'enjoy' your labour and not have such bad memories, use it! Don't let it make you feel ashamed.

I gave birth to my first bb 5 mths ago, I was very worried about the labour pain, so I googled on the topic over and over again before the due date. I read about the pros and cons of each pain relief options. It turned out I was over thinking it. On the day, I remembered it was very painful, by the time I couldn't bare it anymore, I asked for the pethidine, my midwife said it was too late for it (6-7cm opened). So she offered gas, I took it but it did nothing. I refused epidural because of the risks.
I ended up giving birth naturally, it was very painful and intense. After birth, every muscle on my body ached so badly, I could barely walk or sit or get out of bed.
I have a friend who took epidural, her birth was easy, no aching muscles afterwards.
Great to hear all your experiences... Thank you for sharing.
Is the reason some of you opted for pethadine over an epidural because of the increased risk in having an assisted birth? (Episiotomy, forceps etc)
I forgot to add in that I did have an episiotomy as well with DS1 so I guess not a completely unassisted birth.
Those of you who had a pethadine injection; could you still feel the contractions so you knew when to push?
Were there any after effects on your baby?

I guess I just want to be informed so when the time comes and IF I feel I need some pain relief I know what my preference will be... I kind of always just thought the epidural was the way to go.... Haha.

I had an epidural, don't regret it at all. I went in with an open mind and coped with the pain as long as possible. Turns out when I got the epi I was already 10cm though so probably could have gone without. Although my delivery was all very smooth and controlled. No assistance needed and no tears.

Goodluck. It can be hard to plan for these things until you are there and know what to expect. I'll try for drug free next time but I'm happy to have the epi again.

I hated the idea of needles in my spinal area but mostly the idea of possibly being cut was my biggest fear. Worst I ended up with from my first was 1 stitch even though she was quite big.

Pethidine just takes the edge off a bit and not sure about everyone else but it made me sleepy. You still feel every contraction and most certainly know when its time to push.
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