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Induction Questions...... Lock Rss

I am getting Gel inserted on Wednesday night with the aim of breaking waters first up Thursday morning (unless my cervix preforms a miracle before then). What I am wondering though is if the gel doesn't work and my cervix stays hard and long, I am assuming they go to a c-section? Do I have the option of saying 'no' to it and waiting longer for a natural birth?
This is my third pregnancy, first baby came 10 days overdue, 2nd baby came 9 days overdue. This one I will be induced at 7 days over due to concerns about my mental state.
Not sure if I have worded it all enough to explain it properly, induction doesn't necessarily scare me but a c-section scares the crap out of me so I just want to know if I can demand to back out?

Hey country yobbo. I don't have any experience with induction but would they put you on the drip to bring on labour if the gel doesn't work over a c-section? That would be my thoughts. Hopefully you don't make it until Wednesday and bubs makes an appearance before then. I'll be thinking of you! Good luck xx

With ds1 I had gel 3 times. I think after that would have been the drip first then if still nothing c-section is a last resort. It is very common for induction to take a few attempts so don't stress if things don't start happening on Thursday.
I'm getting #2 induced Wednesday night too! Induction buddies!! smile

I was induced with both of my births. I found that the gel didn't do much for me either time, so don't get too disappointed if nothing happens.

First thing in the morning they attempted to break my waters , with the first baby, this wasn't possible as my cervix was still closed , but with the second, she was born 37 minutes later!

With my first, they inserted the sintocin drip and that started labour very quickly and my waters spontaneously broke about 45 minutes later, and DD1 was born within 90 minutes of starting the drip.

Csection is a last resort. But there can be an increased risk of intervention. Although luckily in my case , once labour was artificially started , my body kicked in and did its thing. Drug free and with no further need for assistance. Good luck!

Hi. I've been a student midwife for 2 and a half years. At the hospital where I work they will use the gel 3 times and then if that doesn't dilate your cervix enough to break your waters they will try a cooks catheter. This is a small balloon which they put in your cervix and inflate to attempt to forcibly open your cervix. They whole idea of the gel and the catheter is to get you to a stage where they can break your waters because it is not safe to start the syntocinon drip with your waters intact.

In answer to your other question yes you can say no to an induction. You must consent to anything they do to you. Unless there is some urgent reason for you to be induced 5 days over I would wait until at least 10 days over. At the stage you are every day makes a difference. Good luck with it smile
No idea sorry Country_yobbo, but just wanted to say hi *waves* as it's ages since I've seen you on here smile
It's your body and I would say that for sure you can say no, I want to wait for it naturally if C-section is what they want to do.
Hope all goes well for you

You can say no to anything, but that said there will be a certain amount of pressure on you to agree to what they want. You're in a vulnerable state too so may find it difficult to stand your ground. Make sure your hubby or birth support person knows your wishes and is prepared to stand up for you too. Personally if your birth history is to go late I'd put off the induction for a day or two. Then if bub doesn't make an appearance try the induction.
Hi there smile

In answer to your questions, NO they shouldnt automatically defer to a c-section and YES you absolutely have the right to say no... right up until your baby is born.

I had my first baby in February and was induced. I live in NZ so I dont know how different things are here but after 2 days of getting the gel and about 5 attempts with the 'stretch and sweep' treatment, I was put on the drip. I was in established labour for 8 hours and at the end gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Though I did not want one, there were times during my labour when one might have thought it would be good to go with a c-section (my babys heartbeat was racing due to the drip etc, and I was exhausted, at the end of my tether) but the doctor had faith that it wouldnt be long before she would come. She assessed my babys heartbeat and how I was doing and said for me to just hang in there.

So what Im trying to say is that medical staff should not suggest a c-section unless it is absolutely necessary. and only after they have tried all other alternatives. So try not to worry and dont be afraid to voice your concerns or wishes. You are allowed to say what goes, it is your body and baby.

I dont know if Ive been much help but I wish you all the best smile

No one has actually mentioned a c-section to me.
I just have always thought that there is no chance of them breaking waters or doing the drip if the gel doesn't work as there is no point trying to force a baby out of a hard closed cervix.
I am hoping that being a week over the gel does work for me......

A lady who was pregnant at the same time as me went 10 days over and they tried the gel and it didn't work so they put her on the syntocin drip and she went into labour.
I think for sure they would try inducing with drip before c-section.
hope all goes well, I'll keep an eye out for birth announcement and story of how it all ended up smile

hi country yobbo - congrats you are so close to meeting your little one!

with my first i was induced at 10 days over. At my initial exam the doctor announced my cervix was 'unfavourable; ie tightly closed, but I had the gel anyway. not alot happened but I guess enough for them to decide it was the best option for me to have my waters broken.

The whole process took a loooong time (ie over 24 hours)

I did end up with a cesction but that was for other reasons.

good luck, hope your delivery is a smooth one smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Just a quick update - I had an internal on Tuesday which said I was 1cm but could easily stretch up to 5cm. So they cancelled the gel and I went into hospital on Thursday morning to have waters broken.
When I arrived Thursday morning I was 7cm and the ctg revealed I was already having contractions (which I couldn't feel yet). They broke my waters (eventually - OMG that was the hardest part, The membranes were so tight over Bubbs head and his head was down so far they actually had to scratch his head to rupture them and then still no water came out until each time he moved he'd let a little bit out) Any how first contraction came about 1minute after waters started leaking, first contraction was fairly full on (same as my last labour) and Bubba was in my arms 2 hours 45 minutes later!
A perfect 9lb baby boy! (who has 2 older sisters) His sex was a surprise until birth. Although I swore all pregnancy I was having a boy - I am pretty sure that I am still the most shocked that I actually have a boy now!
I didn't need and gas or stitches. I had what I would call a dream birth. It was just Hubby, a midwife and I in the room. We were all dead quiet, I just closed my eyes and did my own thing listening to my body. My midwife was so amazing. She would quietly talk to me every now and then as I needed it with little comments like 'you're doing well, just slow down your breathing a little'. She earnt herself 2 packets of Tim Tams!
We are a perfect, complete little family now! So in love and happy and content! Honestly, he is the cutest baby ever!!! (as said by every Mum about their baby LOL)

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