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Armadale Hospital Lock Rss

Hi all. I am looking at Armadale Memorial for delivery of my second child, due Sept. I am going for a VBaC delivery, so am particularly interested in any vbac related births, OBs fpr delivery (public or private) and if anyone has been to Galliers (private wing) of the hospital.
Thanks so much!
Galliers no longer has a birthing suite, only the suites in the public section are open. The suites are really nice, spacious with a bathroom attached. The nurses are great, well the ones I had (and remember wink ) were great. Galliers is a great place to stay in after though, they are single rooms and some of them have a double bed, if your a private paying patient your other half can stay in with you. Can't help you with the VBAC though, haven't had one smile

My dr is a GP but he does a lot of obs, and all his patients end up in Galliers after birth if there is room. If you want to know his name and details pm me, I think he will take new obstetric patients...

Thanks! Great info, would love your GP name! I have sent you a follow request so I can msg you smile
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