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Pre labour signs - hindsight Rss

Curious if anyone, with the benefit of hindsight, remembers anything that happened/you felt in the hours/days leading up to your labour that might have been signs that it was on the way (other than the usual contractions/water breaking).

Maybe an increase in discharge, it was more watery than usual and almost felt a little bit like doing a tiny wee (hehe, the things we talk about). At the time I suspected it was a very slow waters leak but my midwife didn't think so.
Other than that I noticed nothing else out of the ordinary until it was my waters leaking for sure. I then felt no niggles for another 4 or 5 hours following that.

Same here for discharge. For both babies the week before birth I had heaps, it wasn't nice.
And DD2 dropped a few days before birth, she was really low and her movements would press on a nerve in my leg - super painful.
Not for me, I was actually in denial I was in labour when I did go, because I was convinced that for a first time pregnancy, I'd go late & I didn't in the end go late......
I can't remember noticing anything in particular. I went into labour with my second son on my first sons birthday so I think I was too busy that day to notice anything and then when everyone left I started having contractions!

Sorry, nothing for me....On the way to the hospital (after my waters had broken!) I was saying to DH "These braxton hicks are really strong!!!

3 hours later DS was born!!!
With my first she came 5days early, but I had a show that morning and contractions started that afternoon, I had her after 4 hours of contractions, my waters broke about an hour before I had her. With my second nothing at all. I was cooking tea when my contractions started with a boom. I had a midwife appt that day, nothing, he was four days early. Contractions started at 5pm and I had him at 7 by waters broke about 5minutes before I had him.
With my DD I did not go into labour it was a planned C-section.

With the twins I went into labour at 34 weeks. Nothing happened that made me or the doctors think I was going into labour. I was at the hospital at 6pm the night before and everything was fine. Went out for dinner and then woke at 4am and water broke. All were surprised when we contacted the hospital. So no no warning or sign at all.

Thanks everyone, I had this discussion with some friends yesterday and was curious about everyone else!
I truly can't remember the lead up to DDs arrival, other than that she was a week late and I was ready!!!

Shine on, you are so right - I don't what it is about pregnancy in general, and in particular late pregnancy that encourages overshare, lol. I am the worst! And (tmi) I have had so much, I also feel like it must be a slow leak. It's crazy. I have a dr appt soon so will check!

I guess I am just at the stage now, with a couple of weeks to gowhere I am looking for every possible sign!
With DS I lost the mucous plug early in the day (at 39+3) and just felt different somehow. Labour started late that afternoon and I felt the need to empty my bowels frequently so I just knew that was it.
With DD I had mild contractions all day long (at 39 weeks) but thought they were braxton hicks. They didn't get painful and more closer together until shortly before midnight when my waters broke. Made it to hospital with half an hour to spare before she was born.
The countdown is on, best of luck and hope your little one comes soon smile
My weird reflection is that even though I had no idea ( just thought the Braxton hicks were ramping up) was that the cat wouldn't leave my side. I had a bath thinking I was just tense, she sat on the bathmat next to me, she wouldn't even move when I got out, had to straddle her to stand on the mat. Where I went she went, to bed to the lounge, to the loo... blink
The first I knew something was up before going into labour with DD was doing a massive spew. Mostly ended up all over the dog, he was pretty stoked with that! DD arrived about 14 hours after that.

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