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When did your waters break with your births? Lock Rss

I asked the other day about Strep B, and my midwife today said that It's recommended I start the penicillin once my waters break, so if that is actually at birth I wouldn't have to have it, but I would if they broke early,

So, with DS my waters breaking was the first indication that I was in labour, my first contractions started about 8 hours later and baby born 11 hours after that.

Can you share with me when your waters broke and if it was similar or completely different if you have had more than one baby smile

Thank you!!!

With DD1 the midwife broke my waters when I was 9cm dilated. I was already starting to subconsciously push and had torn so she needed to speed the dilation up a bit for me. Within 45 min I was holding DD1.

With DS my waters broke on my 3rd last contraction - contractions when my waters broke, contraction and his head was out, contraction he was fully delivered.

With DD2 they broke my waters when I went in to the hospital in full on labour. I was probably about 6 or 7 cm dilated at the time. I was holding her less than 2hrs later.

My midwife had to break mine... 45 mins after that DS arrived.
dd1 broke within the last 30 mins of labour, dd2 they broke in the last 5 mins of labour and dd3 they broke as she was being born. (born in the caul)
DD was our first child and I was having contractions for 19 hours before the doctor broke my waters. Then labour for another 15 hours and she was finally born.

DS our second child, my waters broke spontaneously at 7pm. I had contractions, even though I thought they were braxton hicks. He was then born at 4 hours later.

Our GP almost guarantees (almost!) that subsequent vaginal births are quicker and easier smile

Such different births!!!
My waters ruptured the day before my EDD. Just a heavy leak but not the full monty. I had no other signs labour was approaching for several hours. Dd was born 28 hours after waters breaking, 19 hours of active labour but I had a few hours of stalled labour once fully dilated and needed the drip to get me going again.

My waters broke spontainiously with DS at 7.15am and contractions started 30 mins later. I then had 16 and 3 quarter hours worth of labour as he was posterior.
With DD1 I don't know when they broke. Contractions started at 3:20am, we got to birth centre at 5am and they had already ruptured but I didn't feel them or notice the fluid.

With DD2 she was coming out still in her waters. The MW wanted them either to break naturally or have DD born in them. But I felt it was too hard to push baby plus waters out so I asked MW if she could break them. Next push DD was born.
With my first waters broke just before the need to push. with the second happened naturally when I had already started to push and with my 3rd my waters broke an hour before I felt the first real contraction, bubs was born 4 and a half hours after water breaking.
I don't actually know when my waters broke...
Thanks for your replies! smile
Sounds like there is no rhyme or reason to when they are breaking.
Fingers crossed mine don't break as the first sign again or that's lots of doses of penicillin sad

DS1 was induced and the midwife broke my waters to encourage labor.
DS2 My waters never broke. He was born with them still intact.
DD My waters broke as I was pushing
DS3 my waters broke just before I started pushing and he was out in one push ( the boy was in a rush)
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