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Looking for stories of c sections Lock Rss

Hi - I am 27 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I carry large babies (9lb12 and 9lb9) and have had a 3rd degree tear at each labour which I then have to be stitched up afterwards after just using gas through the labour.
I am looking at a c section this time round and was hoping that some of you kind ladies could give me advice on what to expect and your experiences as I don't know anyone who has gone down this route before. Where we live it is the lowest number of c sections in NZ.
Thanks! smile
I have had two C-sections. First planned as DD was breach and was very small.

It was a great experience. A very relaxed feel in the room. I only felt a bit of tugging but no pain. It was really a wonderful birth. I had my DD in the afternoon so the next morning I was up showered and walking around. I didn't need any pain relief after at all. It was a great birth.

The second I had an emergency C-section with my twins at 34 weeks.

It was the same doctor and very much the same experience. I had the twins in the morning and then was up and walking around that afternoon. Again I didn't need any pain relief. Both births were great I would not want to change a thing.

All my kids were rushed to SCN after birth for various reasons. I didn't have any time with them straight after delivery. But for me that didn't interfere with bonding as my concern was their health.

Good luck. There are plenty of C-section happy stories not just the horror ones.

Ive had 3 children first 2 were normal births and my last was a c-section and im pregnant with number 4 and im actually looking forward to a c-section again as my first 2 was hell i had similar problems rips and tears and stitches and all sorts and my recovery was just as bad as the birth but with my c-section it was great you feel no pain just some pulling as said above and i had her at 3.20pm on the Wednesday and by 9am thursday i was up in the shower and walking around. The recovery is longer as in the scar to heal but with the pain meds its easy peasy i wont lie coughing and sneezing the first few days hurt but i guess missing out on labour pains you have to repay it somewhere lol.. But i loved my entire c-section experience and hope if you choose one you have the same experience as me...Goodluck and hope all goes well in the rest of your pregnancy and birth:)
hi I am looking at my third c section in April 2015 also, my first two were 9 pounds 6 each and afterwards one of the nurses said I wouldn't have been able to vaginally deliver them anyway despite being induced with my first, which led to an emergency c section.
c sections aren't too bad as long as you know what to expect, and have lots of help waiting for you when you get home. like the other posters have said, take the medication, don't let the pain get too bad and stay on top of it, get some really comfy pants or pjs that make you feel good, have lots of things with you in the hospital to make you feel comfortable like lip balm and good hand cream. OH and take the laxatives. If they don't offer, ASK.

38 weeks and 2 days

I had an emergency c-section and what I found most difficult was the recovery. I was in hospital for five days and was only able to get out of bed after the third day. I couldn't get up at night to feed my baby without help - the pain was horrid even while being on pain killers. I couldn't lift anything heavy and was still in pain (getting in and out of bed at night) for a couple of months after.

I suppose, c-section in this case wasn't my choice and if I had a choice I can't tell you what I would have done. Natural birth can also have its complications but overall I think natural birth would have a quicker and easier recovery.
I've had to emergency c.sections one under anaesthetic and other on epidural i found my second one alot better even though they torn my cervix preventing me from anymore kids i healed alot faster.
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