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My baby has arrived Lock Rss

Congratulations 4 surprises. Glad everything went well and you're feeling wonderful. Welcome to the world little Sydnee Anne.

Congrats, that's great news!
Thank you smile I can't stop giving her cuddles. smile
Congrats. Welcome Sydnee Anne smile
Congratulations! smile
Congratulations and welcome to sydnee smile you'll have to change your name now grin

She finally had him he's adorable can't wait to see him he was 6lb his name is Pacey
Thank you everyone. Thea congratulations smile I'm now 5 surprises smile just need to update my name lol
Congrats lovely news and very pleased to hear she's a healthy size munchkin smile
Congrats Hun! Glad it all went well. Hope you're enjoying your newborn cuddles!

A big congrats.. smile

Thank you everyone. Milk has just come in and feeling very sore and engorged. Ouch. After pains hurt like bugger. But omg she is adorable. Worth every bit of pain. xx
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