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Anesthetist appointment? GD Lock Rss

Hi all,
I've had diet controlled gestational diabetes (GD) with #1 and now again with #2. I have seen a specialist team once since my diagnosis and they book regular growth scans for me. With #1 I was induced at 1 week overdue but her growth appeared to be fine and she was born in 3 hours with no need to go on the drip or pain relief. However I just got a phone call saying I've been referred for an anesthetist appointment to discuss my options.

I'm just wondering what to expect. Is this just if I want an epidural which I don't anyway. Or are they planning on inducing me early due to babys size or giving me a csection. The only pain relief available to women in labour in my area is gas and the epidural so would seem almost pointless to me. Anybody been to one of these appointments?
That's what I thought too. I asked the person who rung but they were only an administrator so didn't say a lot just said that she was sure they would of mentioned it before. The only thing I can think of is my midwife mentioned my BMI at the start of pregnancy but said that if it doesn't increase above a certain point she wouldn't have to refer me to see 'someone' and I've only gained a kg so haven't gone beyond that point. I'm expecting to hear from the hospital regarding my GD and the birth itself seeing as they're requesting growth scans but haven't heard a thing :\ Only have 6 weeks to go
Hi there, I wouldn't stress too much about it. The appt is probably based on a 'what if' scenario if you need a c section. They'll probably discuss whether you prefer to sleep or be awake during a c section and may even check your spine to ensure the needle can go through ok. You'll probably walk out of the appt thinking its a waste of time????. Goodluck
Turns out the anesthetist wasn't exactly sure as to why I was referred but we just talked about the what if scenario basically and she just checked I had no allergies or back problems and that was about it smile Although she seems to think I will be induced early though.
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