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Hi there,

im 34wks pregnant and I have severe pelvic arthropothy and have also been told that my son will approximately be 11-12 pounds at delivery!!!! this is my 4th baby and he is by far my biggest baby!!! The options ive been given are to be induced at 38wks because of his size and either to have a c-section because of my pelvic arthropothy pain or an epidural to numb the pain n push him out!! ive never had or needed an epidural before or a c-section so im a bit scared of it all!!! im scared and anxious of not only the pain (because hes big) but also of the choices ive been given 4 delivery. Can anyone help me please how safe are epidurals and also which 1 would u choose? epidural or c-section? Thank you for your advice.
Have you spoken to a midwife about your options? I have a great midwife (that gave birth to three babies over 10lbs) that I see every 2 weeks and we have spoken about the possibility of an epidural if I'm in too much pain to give birth without one. We have also spoken about the possibility for a c-section if I cannot give birth. Have a discussion with your midwife about c-sections vs epidural.
I really think you need to speak to your midwife or OB.

I had both epidural during labour and then emergency C section with my DS. There are risks associated with both options but also understand that these are both routine procedures that are done in hospitals daily.

I am going to opt for elective C this time around.

My opinion is to seek advice from your midwife or OB and go with what they recommend. at the end of the day, don't worry about the option you choose as all that matters is you and bubs are safe and healthy.

all the best
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