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Retained placenta question Lock Rss

During the natural vaginal birth of my son, I had a retained placenta which meant I ended up in surgery after he was delivered because my placenta would not come out. The placenta had to be surgically removed.
Has anyone had this happen and then successfully delivered the placenta with your next birth?
Really hoping I don't need surgery again, due with #2 in 11 wks.
I haven't personally but my mother did with one of her births (well most had come out but some had not) I don't know if that makes a difference. For the following two they had an injection at the ready that is administered in the bum which is meant to stimulate it to come out but she didn't need it.
I did. Retained placenta with Baby #1 (DS was 7lb 7oz) Baby #2 delivered placenta fine (DD was 9lb 50z). I have had a few interesting conversations with midwife friends about cord clamping as I am due to have baby #3 in Jan and there is discussion that delaying clamping the cord until it has stopped pulsating aides the placenta in being released from the uterine wall so perhaps ask your midwife or OB about that. I am not sure if this was done with my DD as it was 13 years ago but definitely had no problems delivering the placenta naturally second time round smile
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