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Children naturally born on due date Lock Rss

Okay so I'm curious; who's children were born naturally on their due date? And which child?
My son was born exactly on his due date, naturally. Also this is my first born. I've heard it's uncommon so I'm curious to know who else's bubs got their planned entrance bang on time smile
My daughter was born naturally on her due date too smile she is my first born also.
My daughter was born on her due date. I was told at the hospital it's 3% of babies are born on their due date.
My bub wasn't due on his due date but I had a little complications towards the end such as pre eclampsia and also GD (gestational diabetes) so we were induced at 36 weeks which unfortunately failed after a few different procedures and ended up having an emergency c sec! Which he was born 01/8/2015 at 36w5days.

He's happy, healthy and I couldn't be more proud to be his mummy smile
My first born son was born on his due date, 12:00am that night I presented at the hospital 9cm dilated and he was born at 9:00am that morning.
I must admit, its the only time hes ever been on time wink
I found it funny that both my girls were born exactly 7 days past their EDD. The odds of that are rare.
I went into natural labour with both.
First emergency C-section from meconium poo that caused foetal distress.
Second posterior labour ending in the VBAC I wanted but my daughter being the 6% that don't end up turning back the correct way during labour,her head was on a funny angle and no matter how hard we tried, she was stuck so ended with forceps delivery. Once they adjusted her head, two pushes and she was finally out. smile
My 1st was late lol
My first was due 13th August, she was breach so I had a C section scheduled for the 4th August and I went into labour on the 2nd August.
My first born came naturally on his due date, no complications smile SO blessed and grateful!
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