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Pain Relief During Labour Lock Rss

There’s no getting away from it, labour is painful. Thankfully however we have many options, from natural techniques to medical technology, to help us manage the pain. In fact many of us will use several pain relief methods throughout our labour.

We'd love to hear how you managed the pain of labour? What worked for you and what didn't?

Gas, Gas and more Gas!!! It doesn't take the pain away at all, put certainly helps put it out of your mind until the next contraction. Then, more Gas!!!!
It's great stuff smile
I also had a shot of morphene but that did nothing pain wise.

Accept its going to hurt and focus on one contraction at a time. Haven't used any pain medication just a determined mind that it can be done and all is ok even when you feel like your coming apart!
I only had gas but apparently i was using it more for something to bite on then breathe in! I had quite a easy not as painful as i thought experience! Easy for me to say when bubs was only 2.5 kilos tongue
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