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Vbac help please! Lock Rss

I am 26 weeks pregnant, due on 21 September, and have a boy who was born in September 2014 by emergency caesarean. The caesarean was due to the baby not fully rotating during labour following induction, and basically the midwives kept intervening and hurried it along too fast and he got stuck. I was assured by the consultant and surgeon at the time that this was a relatively rare occurrence and there is absolutely no reason to think it would happen to me again. The midwife didn't know how to spell the medical term as she said it happened so rarely.
I have been attending an NBAC clinic which has seemed supportive so far, however I had my first appointment with a doctor who is part of the main hospital (not the NBAC clinic). Unfortunately he seemed less than supportive and started the conversation by referencing my “large” baby (he was 3.6kg), and referring to the hospital notes from the first birth which unfortunately were written by the discharge nurse, were only five words and were simply wrong.
I have been booked into an ultrasound at 36 weeks to “check the baby’s size” but I am very worried that he is already pushing me down the c-section route based on incorrect notes and outdated assumptions.
Please can someone advise me as to whether I’m able to refuse the ultrasound and/or caesarean unless they can give me a better reason? Based on what I was told at the time there is no reason my pregnancy should be treated differently from any other?
I think it's time to see anther doctor for another opinion. They can not make you do anything you don't want to.

As I said I would be seeing another doctor and getting another opinion before it's too late.

Good lcuk.

My first birth my bubs got stuck and I needed an emergency contact section. This time I was given the choice. The obstetrician was more than happy for me to try a vbac and my growth scan predicted a 4kg bubs. I have opted for c section but this is purely my decision.

You cannot but made to have a c section. They need your informed consent. I would look for a different obstetrician. Are you in Australia? Australia as one of the highest rates of c sections and often these are not necessary.
My 1st baby was 4.8 kg (natural delivery ) and my second was 4.3 kg (c-cect).for my third I pushed for a vbac and kept getting told maybe, we'll see when we get closer to delivery. I ended up changing hospitals and had a successful vaginal birth (. If it's what you really want know your risks and your rights but don't get caught up in it all. The aim is to birth a healthy baby. You won't be induced, the risk of a uterine tear is too great. I drank raspberry leaf tea and had a couple of stretch and sweeps to make sure I went into Labour before 41 weeks (i was booked for a c-sect if I didn't go natural before then). Good luck, trust your instincts and remember it's not the end of the world if it doesn't go your way. Healthy baby, healthy mama.
You are absolutely able to do what you want. It's your right even if doctors don't agree . Good luck
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