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Prenatal/childbirth education Rss

I am wanting to go to classes but they aren't free!. my insurance tells me it covers only if the person giving the class is registered. Do you have any suggestions? . I am in Melbourne!. Many thanks xo
I live in Perth but the hospital I gave birth in provided four weeks worth of free classes (covered exercise, birth, labour, what to expect of complications, etc). It was a public hospital but maybe check with your hospital if they offer any.
Thanks Sally!. My hospital is a public hospital as well, but they do charge..
Wow that's crazy. You would think the public system would provide that for free as it covers people who are unable to afford the private system. That's really disappointing.
Yes I know!!. I was surprised myself. With no options and with dates getting booked-- I had to pay!!. I hope is really good!. Betty
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