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Two nights of contractions that lead to nothing :( Lock Rss

Hey mums,

Just wanting some advice and ideas on what is happening to my unpredictable uterus!! This is my second bub, and with DD I didn't have any contractions till the start of labour, and the night I had her. Tuesday night this week I had contractions for 3.5 hours that were regular 10-15minutes apart, but not very painful. Last night I had contractions for 6-7 hours that increased in pain and reached a point of 6-8 minutes apart, but then plateaued and I eventually fell asleep after midnight.

As anyone had this and it not lead to cervix dialation and labour progressing? How many nights can this go on for before having a baby?

Also, I have been expressing a little colostrum 2-3 times a day since Monday, could this be triggering contractions?

I am getting frustrated (but trying to remain calm I guess) because I just wish that my uterus wouldn't contact until its go time.

Thanks for your help mums xx
There are a number of possibilities there. could be bub is late positioning himself getting ready for labor. no particulars how long but some mums get to experience this and some don't near labor.
Exactly the same thing has been happening to me! The hospital have said it's 'practice' labor. Until either your membranes rupture and/or your cervix dilates to 4cm there isn't much you can do. They will provide you with pain relief if the pain is keeping you from sleeping or getting rest.
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