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Antenatal classes in NZ? Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering if these cost anything and when the best time to go is. I'm 31 weeks preggers atm

woo! a boy...

hi, nope they dont cost, now would be a good time to start probably, i was told 2 start around 27weeks.
thanks will ask the midwife about one when i see her next

woo! a boy...

Hi beadyfly

I just wanted to let you know there are a couple of options with antenatal classes. There are classes run through the hospitals or some birth centres which are free or there are also classes run through places like parentcentre which have a charge. I would look at both options and discuss with your midwife which she thinks would suit you. The parentcentre tends to have older working people due to the charge involved and is available in most NZ cities. Both options give you great information and are definitely worth going to - more for the contacts that you make as well as the information. It gives you a feeling of confidence going into birth also. I would get onto it soon though as the classes run for about eight weeks.

Good Luck


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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