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Who did you have in the delivery room with you? Rss

Hi Dear, Thanks for reminding precious time. Well, My partner is ready with me. Everything is just with my partner and family support. I was so much worried when I heard about me and my partner infertility. At the start, I lost hope because I have to do checkup in many clinics for my natural pregnancy. But everywhere I just got one stop. That why I was with no hope. But my partner holds my hands and ensure me that we will soon have a baby. That day I decide to go ahead and fight with deceased. At last, Now I go through IVF treatment. Now I am hopefully pregnant and all this is just with my partner. I am so much happy.
hello guys. I really want to find this topic to discuss. It's really very tough situation. When I was in the delivery room only my husband is with me. He can’t see my pain and got frightened. Then the doctors ordered him to leave the room. Then I felt alone there. Since I have no in-laws. Then my mother came after half an hour. Then at that time, I wished that may I have in-laws. But why you asking us like these questions dear! Have you in-laws? If yes then how lucky are you. we were allowed only two people in the delivery room. Try that your husband is with you in this room. nice to meet you, dear.
I can feel what you are going through. People who have been under these circumstances have become pretty much depressed in their normal life. I can tell you that surrogacy has been helping people for a few years now. You need to find a good clinic and have people understand what they want to do. You should not listen to people and make your move. In the end, it is all about your happiness. It is all that matters. Your DH is with you that is the best part, now go for it. It would change your life for the better. Good luck in your future dealings and I will surely pray for you.
I had my partner in the birthing room with me and my mother in law I wanted my mum to be in the birthing room with me she had come down that week but she had to go back to Queensland to go to work so bub come on the day she had got home so my mum was not there with me but I sore wish she was there as I miss her so much
Hello ladies!
You're pretty experienced in that question.
Any advice about hospital or doctor I should choose??
I've just become pregnant and don't know a lot of about that, so I would be glad to listen to your tips!
I had everyone in the room with me...when you are in the moment all notions of feeling embarrassed fly out of the window. They did all stand at the top end though and I would never have allowed anyone but my hubby to look at me and even then only near the end!
As for me, I am against anyone being present "on the big day" except doctors
Yes, these seem to be the best news in the world. I remember our conceiving at first time. And I’ll disappoint you here, it was thoroughly planned. I even knew the exact date of conceiving. So, nothing exciting and no special stories. All the troubles began with our second attempt of having a baby. Something went wrong. Ectopic pregnancy occurred. We didn’t get to know about it in time, so it’s ended in a surgery. In the result I’ve got damage to the fallopian tubes and became infertile. Our second attempt was rather exhausting. We had to consult a lot of specialists. They recommended us IVF. We passed the diagnostics in one of the European clinics and made the first attempt, but failed. We had to try out more..And what about you? Where did you go?
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