Well, I haven't been to the FT boards in a long time, but just thought I'd drop by. Here's my (our) success story.

I started my periods when I was 9 years old. Right from the start they were the worst. My flow was so heavy I had to change a pad every hour (which is hard to remember when your 9!) and cramping was so bad the dr gave me emprin #3, with codeine. I always missed one day of school due to cramps, if not 2. Plus my cycles were super close together. Heavy flow for 7-9 days, and only 18-20 days from start of one to the start of the next cycle. I had a GYN tell me in high school I may have endo, but didn't think too much about it. My mother had similar problems with her periods, plus used to pass out. Ends up she has/had endo (I'm an only child).

Two years after ttc I was dx with stage III endo. After a lap and hysteroscopy the RE told me that if we wanted kids that we needed to get right on it. We did 3 rounds of IUIs without drugs. The fourth was with 50mg Clomid and an HCG shot. At the 4th IUI the RE told us he thought we'd have to move onto IVF. I was crushed as we couldn't afford that. After the allotted 12 days they had me do a HPT. Negative. Ugh. So RE did an endo lining biopsy - painful! My dh and I went on vacation in CT and RI, which I was not going to do if I were pg. I definitely felt like I was pms-ing, but my boobs were sore which was wierd. After being 2 days late I did another HPT - POSITIVE!!! I couldn't believe it. We have a beautiful daughter named Megan who is 15 months old.

We are starting the whole process over in August, but going straight to the Clomid and HCG. I wish everyone the absolute best. Keep your faith that it will happen. Laugh each day, I believe the positive vibes make all the difference - but I know this is hard to do.