Hi ladies, just looking for some of your experiences to try and give myself more of a picture of what’s happening- reassurance I guess you could say.

I am currently at 41+3 days and in 2 days I am scheduled for labour induction, which means I have to go to a different city as my hometown is only a maternity home and only does natural straight forward births. I have a small phobia of hospitals and the one I would have to go to is the one I had to go to last year for a D&C after a MMC so there is not good memories there to start with.

I also have a big baby on board and is at the 98th centile based on measurements is estimated to be 10pound (give or take half a lb for ultrasound accuracy the scan says), also because he is an ivf baby they are getting worried as they are so sure of my dates and I am having monitoring every 3 days to make sure he is ok and placenta is still doing it’s thing.

I really wanted to have as natural as possible (especially since I had to start with so much medical intervention) and now I’m worried that I will be stuck in a bed strapped to machines and iv lines in a ward with other people.

I have done everything to try and give him a hurry up including seven stretch and sweeps.

Please Understand that I would do anything to keep my boy safe but I am upset and stressed about the cascade of intervention that usually starts with induction of labour and losing all control.

Help please!