Hi all! Recently had an episotomy (cut so I didn't tear in delivery) and everyone talks about the healing on the outside of the vagina but I can't seem to find any discussions on internal healing. I am very conscious as I can feel sort of up the cut if that makes sense. It honestly feels shredded and there are flaps which I feel will hurt during sex? I feel the doctor hasn't done a great job at stitching me up although she says it's healed nicely it doesn't feel right to me. Just wanting to know if anyone's had this done and is it normal to be feeling this way. It's been 9 weeks now and I'm still stinging down there. I do have a doctors appointment booked I just want to know if anyone's experienced this so if the doctor says it's normal and it's not I can fight for something to be done. Sounds silly but I'm very conscious about it and it's been getting me down because I'm just not comfortable having sex with the pain!