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Is second time labour shorter? Lock Rss

I had a five hour drug free labour with my first. As I was very grateful that my labour was very short, I am really wanting to know if my second time around is likely to be shorter.

Are there any women that have had a labour second time around that has been a lot shorter than their first? (they say half the time of the first)

I was also wanting to know if anybody can justify the theory that your follow your mothers labour time. My first labour was 5 hours like I said and so was my mothers first. My mothres second was 2 hours and then I (being the baby of the family) was 30 minutes. Fingers crossed!!!!


Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hi, whilst I haven't had No2 yet (due in 15weeks) I am told that second time around is generally shorter than the first and I am with you Fingers crossed my first was 13 hours. Not a marathon compared to alot of women but shorter would be nice. Good Luck.
Hi aprilsmum,
My 1st was a 4 hr labour, 2nd a 2hr lab, 3rd induced 6hrs, 4th induced 4hrs. I was induced with last 2 pregnancies as my waters broke and I was about 36 weeks. They wanted the babies out within the day incase I had to be flown to our city hospital.
So my theory is yes the are quicker, I think we are more prepared. Everyone else I know who have had more then one has been quicker.

My first labour was 40 hours (due to complications) and my second labour was only 8.5 hours or thereabouts. So much shorter, however my mum had relatively short labours so I think my first may have been a lot shorter had I not experienced problems.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Aprilsmum,

Ok where shall we start. The theory that you follow the labour times of your mum's is wrong. My mum had an eight hour labour with both my sister and I (born 9.5 years apart). My first was born in 4 hours 15 minutes and my second was 2 hours 15 minutes, so with my third I hope I make it out the front door. For me my labours get quicker for each child, but my body goes into shock afterwards and shakes becuase it has happened so quick. Did you have the shakes with your quick labour? Your body has it's own rhythm for labour but I think you may have another very quick labour this time around. Just make sure you have everything ready. My first son is now 8years old and my second is 6 years old (they were born 2.5 years apart), my third also a boy I have been told will probably be born within 15 - 30minutes from go to woe and more than likely at home or in the back of an ambulance, as I don't really feel to much discomfort in the first stage of labour and don't fully get uncomfortable till I have there head pressing down on my lower bowel and perineum (by then it would be too dangerous to take me by car, just better letting nature take its course at home and phone for the ambulance).

I hope this has been helpful for you.

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