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Hi everyone,


I have a probably stupid question:

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I’ve got a really saw back on my right side in the very lower region.

I'm still at work and i spend a lot of time sitting, i asked my work if i could bring a cushion or something to try and make it a bit more comfortable for me, but they said NO - as it wont look very good (I’m the receptionist) I have also had my house cut cause "we are going through tough times" - so I’m starting to think my work want me to go on maternity leave early?? Has any one got any suggestion on what i can do to help me get through the day??? It's really bad, i get a sharp pain when i get up to walk, it hurts while I’m work (with every step i get a sharp pain in my back).

I'm really sorry for the wingy long post...

Erin & Jack 17/8/2006 Due 12th July 2008, Vic

Hey! I've just read your post and am shocked that you're not allowed to bring in a cushion! How unfair is that! They cant exactly fire you if you bring in a small cushion or heat pack (those are really good for sore backs) Maybe your doctor could write you a note. I would of thought your employers would let you use a cushion as they'd probably wouldnt want to get into trouble if your back got worse... How early are you allowed to go on maternity leave? If you really couldnt work much longer im sure your doctor could write you a medical certificate saying you're unfit for work. Your back sounds really sore, ive had a bad back but only recently and i dont get shooting pains so maybe you should ask your doctor cos it sounds like a pinched nerve or something. Good luck and i hope it all works out for you!
Hi Erin,

Your work cannot refuse for you to bring in a cushion for your back (that is discrimation and there is a law that inforces it). I am 24 weeks pregnant with my third and spend 7 hours a day on my feet working in a hospital. I too get lower back pain and lower abdo pain. It is just all your muscles and ligaments adjusting to the growing being inside of you. It also sounds like your bub is like mine and likes to sit on your siatic nerve. This nerve runs down your lower back and into your legs and believe me it can be extremely painful. I do some gentle stretches at work to relieve the discomfort and if the pain gets too bad I take panadol. Also try taking a warm bath every second night to relax those muscles. I know walking probably hurts you but you must keep moving as it will get better with movement. Also your work cannot make you go on early maternity leave. You are legally allowed to work up to 34 weeks but I know if you get a medical certificate to say you can work longer then you may be able to. I know through my work you can work up to 40 weeks, but I am dropping out at 36 weeks.

Keep your chin up, don't let your work get you down. Can I also suggest that when you are sleeping at night, try and purchase a body pillow, they are the best thing, I use one and it works wonders for my back, pelvis and legs. If you can't get one then try using some pillows to support your belly and a pillow inbetween your legs to support your pelvis. This will also help with the pain during the day, as your body will be supported at night.

Last thing though, no question is stupid, I myself have to ask questions and this is my third baby. The only stupid question is one that you never ask.

Hi there

I have the same problem you do except I also have trouble with my legs, as my legs keep giving way and I can hardly walk some days, Im 24 weeks pregnant.

I use a wheat sack to help with the pain and try and get up from my desk alot too (Im also receptionist), I dont think your work is being fair on the cushion issue, they should be doing everything possible to make sure you are comfortable.)

Im also having trouble with my company,have been since I got pregnant really, they hassle me about appoitnements etc, and I ended up in hospital because of the stress at 13 weeks pregnant. They are trying to get me to leve early too. So if you need someone to listen Im all ears smile


Becky - 1st time mum, Brisbane, due in september

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