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does this sound like labour? Lock Rss

i've started getting small pains all over my belly, but mostly in my lower belly, its a constant pain that slowly gets stronger and weaker, could this be the start of labour?
Sounds like it could be,good luck with it all!

Hi!! Wow!!
It sounds like this could be it. Particularly because you are now "overdue".
I would just keep an eye them (and the clock!) and perhaps start timing them, to see how far apart they are and if they are regular or not. Have your waters broken or anything? If unsure, I wuld just ring the hospital too.

Good luck, look forward to hearing if this was it or not!!
hm sounds like it...if its like bad period pain thats labour or it can brazten hips...let me
sounds like there's a rumble in the jungle. Things are starting by the sounds of it. All the best with your delivery
The pains you are feeling are probably braxton hicks.
They could also be you ligaments stretching, it happens when you get close to your due date.
If the pains stop when you change position or take a shower or just relax, its not labour. Contractions dont go away they just get more intense.
If your pains become regular 5 mins apart call your hospital.
Hopes this helps.

WA mom of 4

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