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Labour Advice for Mums to Be Lock Rss

Hi, I'm a first time mum with the happiest labour story i could of wished for. I was the first to have my baby in my antenatal class so was often asked for advice from antenatal friends who have now said that i saved them from drugs and horror thoughts.

The best advice i can give you is to sure listen to people about ehri stories but disregard what you will. Go into labour with an OPEN mind, don't dwell on what might be or what you have heard and DONT go in saying your going to have drugs because if you think these things then more than likely they will come true. I found my labour a breeze to get through and I put it down to simply goign in their with an open mind and tryign to enjoy myself and have fun while i was doing it... I was at the theatre 5 hours before i had bubs when my contractions were only 5 mins apart. So stay positive and make it enjoyable... think happy thoughts and try not to dwell on the unknown. Best of luck!

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi, Great to hear that there is two of us out there that think a like. I am also a first time mum!!

All thru my pregnancy i never planned my labour, i just said to people, if i need drugs, help or theartre, then i will think about it then. I'm glad i did.

I threatened to go into labour from 24 weeks gestation, i spent the next 16 weeks in and out of hospital each time being given tablets to stop my labour. I ended up being induced at 6pm on my due date, i coped until doctors broke my waters at midnight and then it all got to much ... i opted for an epidural. It was an absolute life saver, induction intensifes the pain and i wasn't getting any break between contractions! Doctors wanted to take me for an emerg caesear at 4am as my baby was getting distressed. I ended up giving birth naturally at 7.27am and so glad i did! I enjoyed every minute of the miracle of child birth.

If people can go into child birth with an open mind and take what is thrown at you... you will all enjoy the experience. I still cry everytime i think about the first time i held my daughter.

Jayne, #1 Chloe 15/05/04

Wow smile The joy of holding your baby for the first time is a moment you will never forget.. i still remember holding my lil boy... it brings a smile to ym face.. and i didnt believe it before hand but you really do forget everyhting when you hold your baby for the first time. Like you i coped like a dream... until my waters were broken.. but i precervered and one hour later my boy came out smile

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

What a wonderful piece of advice for first time mums. I had a friend go through labour 4 mths before me and ended up having to go to theatre and having 30 stitches because she had been living in a fantasy world where labour didn't hurt and when she got in there and realised that it is actually hard work and you have to push the baby out so after 15 minutes of pushing she gave up and said she is not doing it anymore so the doctor had to use suction to get her baby out, so after hearing this i was petrified so i just thought oh well I will just go in there with a open mind and hope that all goes well, and it did i had a perfect baby boy and felt absolutely wonderful afterwards. I think all women who have a baby know what their body can take and what their pain threshold is so if you want drugs then have them or if you feel you are doing ok without them then don't have them it is best to take things as they come and just go with the flow.
Thank you everyone for posting such positive stories for me to read! - I am close to my due date now (26th December) - and these stories have certainly made my day! - Still very nervous (as all new mums to be are I suppose) but its just nice to hear some good labour stories instead of horror ones! - hopefully, I can contribute my "good" labour story here within the next few weeks!
Take care all,

Cindy due 26th December 04

Hi, my name is kylee and ive been a mum for 2 yrs before i had my daughter and cos i thought that cos i had a bad labour with my son i thought that is what all labours were like, untill i went into labour with my daughter - my contractions started at 6am and they were 3 minutes apart the whole time, i got to the hospital and an hour and a half later of pushing she was here.... i had drugs and no yelling at the midwife lol, but i do have advice for the mums to be, just relax while u are going through the contractions i know that sounds weird but it really does help! And good luck to all the mums to be it is a fantastic experience having a baby i would go through all the pain again and again only cos of what comes at the end of it... A GORGEOUS BABY! So i hope this helps

Kylee, QLD, 3 & 1 yr olds

I can only agree with the other mums, I had a great labour experience. I had a really quick labour with waters breaking a 1.30am and Olivia being born at 3.47am. I was induced so contractiond came hard and fast . but with a little encouragement and a nice warm shower we delivered a healthy baby girl with out the need for pain medication. I think it is so important to be positive and think the best ..
my first son couldn't wait and popped out of me with little difficulty, i was in labour for less than two hours.

My second son decided to take some more time and make me wait 5 and a half hours.

i had no choice but to have the pethadine with my first as the midwife thought i couldn't handle the pain but with my second i went all natural.

i found walking up and down the room helped push the baby down the birth canal and hot showers really helped with the pain.

My third is due in July and i'm hoping all goes well.
Wish me luck!

mother of 2 and 1 more on the way

The best advice i can give you is to sure listen to people about their stories but disregard what you will.

I dont mean to offend here, but i agree with the listen to women about their stories, however i dont think its fair to say disregard what you will, as each persons labour is different, and sometimes it pays to keep in mind other peoples experience, instead of saying that will never happen to me.

not one woman in my family had experienced the problems i did in birth, and my cousin is soon to have a baby, and has discussed in length with her doctor theven after being toldby most of us that she will more than likely go by her mums history as opposed to mine, so se shouldnt have to worry about such complications, she would still rather be preapred for all possible outcomes even if they are not desirable ones smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

I had a great labour with my first son all in all 7 hours. I went in all excited knowing that it wasnt long until I would meet my son. 11 months later when in labour with my second son, it was not complicated but the whole labour was different. with my first son my husband was told that I would most likely need my waters broken all the time, he told the midwife when i was having my second son, she said in due time, 90 minutes later i was pushing but all to break my waters as she wouldnt do it, by the time I had to work to get my son out I was pooped, but managed to do it. I am now pregnant with my 3rd son. I am 30 weeks down and was in hopistal last week as I went into labour, there is no-one in my family who has had a premature baby or any false labour. My son is now engaged and ready come at anytime. The doctors have told us my labour will probablly be very quick even if I go to term, and alos have discussed with us emergency C-sections and everything else.
So I have to agree with each labour is different, and you cant always go with what has happened previously I know from experience, but also there is no need to stress about labour while you are pregnant as you dont know how anything works and hopefully ot is always good. It is the one painthat is certainly worth it regardless as you have a beautiful child in your arms, and you forget the pain the minute he/she looks at you.

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

I am a first time Mum also and for most of the pregnancy, was scared stiff of the pain at the end (as I have a really low pain tolerance). I coped by not thinking about it (like someone else has said, easier said than done!).
In the end, my labour, while LONG.... (43 hours start to finish!) wasn't two hard. The first 39 hrs were just like period cramps coming and going. The birth plan went out the window as my labour started with my waters breaking, I ended up going to hospital instead of the birthing unit for the necessary antibiotics - (didn't look forward to that at all. Hate needles with a passion) and for bub to be monitered. Had planned a waterbirth, but because of the monitering, ended up sitting on the bed, then couldn't be bothered moving. Once the midwife did an internal exam, (37 hrs and only 2cm!) things progressed quickly, especially helped by syntosin! Didn't end up having any pain relief, but that wasn't planned. Just never even thought of it. By the time my husband suggested it, I wasn't allowed anything cause I was so close to pushing. Anyway, the last 4 hours seemed to drag, but at the same time, I wondered where the time had gone. At the end of it, I had a beautiful little girl. So exhausted, I was shaking. But looking down at the precious little bundle made it all worthwhile.
I'd do it again - not for a little while! but hubby doesn't seem too keen! Got to see a little more than he had planned!

Although, nothing went to what we planned (except our decision on the Vitamin K), we went into it with an open mind, and it wasn't as bad as I had led myself to believe - 9 months of dreading the pain, and it was all over in what seemed to be a short space of time. I was also suprised at how soon I was up and around after the birth and how well I felt. Except for feeding issues, everthing went great.

Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

Hi all... I gave birth to my baby boy 'Alexander Kane' a week ago (January 3rd) I had a good labour (from 4:00am - born at 9:44pm that night) - the best advice I can give is 'WALK'... walk like you've never walked before. It speeds the labour up !! - Helped me that's for sure.
Another thing which helps is trying to relax your body during contractions. - Its difficult to do, but it doesnt hurt as much.
Good luck to all.

Cindy due 26th December 04

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