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Rasberry Leaf Tea Lock Rss

Hi, Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for this tea to take effect. I started drinking the tea, having 2 cups yesterday and again today, and although I have felt some rumblings and uterine contractons nothing has really started. I am due to have a caesar in 12 days but with already having 2 young girls I am desperate for this to be over.

Julie, WA 5yr,3yr & newborn

You can take the tea or tablets but are supposed to take for the last trimester. They don't bring on labour they are supposed to help soften the uterus and cervix in preparation for labour and birth.
I took the tablets in my last week of pregnancy, i ended up going 8 days over, was due to be induced 2 days after my daughter was born.
I think that the tablets did help bring on labour and i also think they helped during labour. My cervix was definately soft cos i had no tears at all, she came out really easy.

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