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Induction Information/Stories/Advice Lock Rss

Hi girls

Just wondering if anyone has any information, stories or advice they could give about inductions?

I am booked to have one on Tuesday and would just like to hear from any other mums who have had any experience with them.


Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Hi Joanne, Firstly Good Luck on Tuesday, my only thought is if you were hoping for a birth without any drugs don't be too disappointed if you can't handle the pain. Inductions cause contractions to come thick and fast without the gradual build up of intensity.

Julie, WA 5yr,3yr & newborn

I think Pauline's on the money - be prepared to be flexible about your expectations! I tried my hardest not to have to be induced when I had my baby 11 weeks ago. I'd gone a week overdue and was doing everything possible to bring on labour - sex, hot curries, acupuncture, everything! My waters broke during the night but no contractions to go with it. I rang the hospital thinking they'd tell me to go in when the contractions start but they told me to go in straight away. Because I had tested positive for GBS and my waters had broken but labour hadn't started, they had to induce me because of the risk of infection being passed through to bubs.
It was really very quick, my waters broke at 1am, the drip started at about 6 or 7am, the contractions became painful by about 9am and baby was born at 1.37pm. But it was intense. My birth plan involved minimal pain relief, freedom to move around and minimal intervention. That all went out the window!!! The hardest part was being tethered to the bed because of the drip and the monitors around the belly. When the pain set in I just wanted to move around and get comfy, but I couldn't. I asked for the epidural but it only blocked one side. When I had a VE to see how things were going the doc was very surprised to see that i was fully dilated and ready to go. So I had another spinal block to cover the rest of the pain and started pushing. But there were problems with the babys heartbeat monitor (by this stage there was one on her head as the external one wasn't working either) so they used the forceps to get her out. Then stitches, stitches, stitches.

In short, just be flexible and be realistic about pain relief. The epidural really was fantastic. And hopefully you'll have a nice speedy labour and finally meet your baby!! Good luck!!

Gorgeous Audrey b.March 2006

I would suggest to take something to do while you wait for labour to begin. I had the first gel at 7am and then a second around midday but labour didn't begin till after 4pm after being given the syntocinon drip. So it was a boring day of waiting around. My hubby and I ended up playing scrabble. Bubs was born about 12 hours later. I also had an epidural but not until about 8 hours into the labour, I found I could handle it till then, so it was only the last few hours. Baby was safely born by vontouse at 4:20am (she got a bit stuck and needed some help).

Let us know how you get on. Next week you will be able to tell your story to other mums to be!!

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hi Joanne,
I have had 2 inductions and I only had gas with mine towards the end. I was able to walk around, shower and enjoy my comfort. I was monitored and checked regularly.
I was 36wks and my waters broke around 12.30am. I went to the hospital at 8am when family was awake. I was not dilated or thinning out. They put a drip into me at lunch time .We had to wait for specialists they wanted to do emergency C-sect, I didn't want it. I was given until 6pm to have my baby or they would do a c-section. It took 2 hrs from time drip went in to start labour. Yes they are intense contrations. Docs came in at 5.30pm to prepare me for c-sect . 15mins later I said I wanted to push, He said I wasn't ready only 6cm dilated. Doc walked out to prepare the epidural for me. 10mins later she was born. The midwife had to catch her by the leg. She flew out. I think bub and I were both scared about c-sect.
My 2nd induction was a repeat of the first. But they started the drip earlier, took 2 hrs to start working and then 4hrs later she was born.
I have found out that I only have 8month pregnancies. Now I know why all 4 came early.
I never tore or split with any of them. smile

I am sorry to hear that Verity had a bad time with hers. But everyone is individuals and experience pain in diferent ways.

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