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Sore ribs... Lock Rss

I started experience sore ribs and that stretching feeling about 4 weeks ago, which I put down to bubs growing and my organs moving around as a consequence.

However, what I felt a month ago pales in comparison to what I'm feeling now - and I don't think it's so much the pain itself as the tiredness the pain creates that I resent.

I still like to think that my tolerance is quite high, but there is very little other than the fact that I am at work that is stopping me from screaming obscenities !!

Any suggestions ?? Aside from a nice warm bath... as we've just moved house and the new place doesn't have a tub sad


Jacquie, Erin's Mummy - Born 13th July 2006

maybe a hot water bottle if th heat helps??? or a shower with th warm water running over the top of your tummy might help.
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