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Elective Cesarean? Lock Rss


I'm due in december and I think I've decided to have an elective cesarean. I had an emergency cesarean with my daughter, and it' not an experience I want to go through gain. I figure if I have an elective this time around, at least I'm going to have control over what happens.

Anyone else in the same situation?


Mum to Sophie 11/08/2005 and Lachlan 21/11/2006

I had an emergency C-section with DD because my waters broke at 36 weeks and she was footling breech (standing on one foot!) so I couldn't deliver her vaginally. I have to admit that I had a wonderful experience and a super speedy recovery (was up and walking without pain relief 10 hours later). When it is time to discuss my decision for bub #2, I will probably opt for a c-section again as I don't want my scar to open up during delivery or any of the other stuff that can (but may not) happen with a VBAC (but we'll see... may change my mind!)

As for having control over what happens??? I don't think there is much to control when you have nurses and surgeons standing around you as you lay flat on your back waiting for somone to pull the baby out for you! You may be more mentally prepared for the outcome but I would def. talk it over with your ob. and voice all concerns so that you can enjoy the delivery whichever way you decide to go about it!

I was induced and endured 37 hours of labour then had an emergency c/s because my baby's head was stuck. I'm also due in December and my doctor has automatically said that I am going to have an elective c/s, which I am happy about. I am worried about my scars bursting if I go natural, or that this baby will get stuck too as it will no doubt be big just like my last. ( I am only a small person too.) I agree about having more control over the situation. At least you can write it down when the baby will be born, and you can be better prepared for it, rather than spontaneously go into labour and not know how long it will take, what will happen..etc...I say go for it..

Hi Jade,
I can't comment from personal experience. Alot will depend on the reason for your C-sec the first time but they do say...

Better the devil you know!!!

Hi all,

I'm due with baby #1 in less than 2 weeks now & i opted for an elective caesarean just because i was worried bub getting stuck or something like that.

I just figure it's your decision, if you would feel more comfortable having her by C then that's the way you should do it.

Good luck with it all, Kel xox

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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