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Flexible employment opportunities for Mums in Southeast Qld. Lock Rss

We are looking for new mums or stay at home mothers who may wish to earn some extra money. The job is very flexible and with proper planning you would only need to be out of the house for a few hours a week.

What is required?
If you are reading this post then the first part of the job requirement is looked after because you can use a computer and the Internet. The second requirement is selling. Even if you have never sold before this is a job that is easy to learn and succeed at. We have some employees who earn up to $1500 per week working only 10hrs. All training is provided at your convenience.

What is the catch?
This is a commission sales job, meaning you get paid a percentage of what you sell. You will be entering the world of Advertising and selling space in a high class and exclusive home improvement magazine. After some training you will be given leads to follow up and set up appointments. It may require a couple of hours on the phone early in the week while you are at home and then a few hours later in the week out of the house and in front of your clients. With a commission per sale over $500 it takes only 2 per week to gross in excess of $1000.

Why advertise the position here?
There are a few reasons for this. Firstly with the employment rate in Australia so low it is getting harder to find sales reps so we need to find alternate methods like posting on forums. Secondly, the flexibility that this position offers makes it an ideal position for mums looking after children who need only to find alternate care for a few hours per week. Also new mums tend to be highly focused, enthusiastic and motivated, not to mention grateful to have an opportunity to work under such flexible conditions so it tends to suit both parties well. At this stage the opportunity is only available in South East Qld but we hope for further expansion in the coming months.

We are happy to answer all questions in an open forum so feel free to post them here, or you can contact us directly by e-mail with your contact details and we can get back to you with further information. Contact us [email protected]
How South-East? Gold Coast, or just Brisbane?

KJ, QLD, DS Nikolas born 21/06/06

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