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A bit nervous about induction Lock Rss

I am booked in to be induced by drip and my waters being broken on the 30th of this month, this is my 3rd baby, I had a natural delivery with my first 2 children, but was 10 days over with the 1st (8lb 9oz) and gel induced after 7 days over with the 2nd (10lb 3oz), I am nervous because I keep reading about other peoples experiences and have now realised that I more then likely wont be able to have an active birth (walking around/hot showers etc) which worries me because I havent had an epidural before, but dont want to be stuck on the bed for the whole time in hard fast pain. Does anyone have any good stories or ideas to help me?, I am happy to be induced as this is what I wanted due to severe pelvic and pubic bone pain, but would like to go as natural as I can.

Thanks Vanessa
Hi there,

I'm just wondering why you have to have the drip this time? Did the gel work for the last one cos that seems like a much better option for movement etc...
I was induced 10 days over with the gel and although I would much rather go into labour naturally it was an alright experience (but you would know about it seieng your 2nd was the same).
Anyway I'm sorry I can't help much and that someone who has had the drip etc can help you..

Take care and I hope everything goes well smile
I started with the gel (twice) and then had the drip later on. I was able to walk around after having the gel and able to have a bath. You should be able to walk around with the drip until you decide you need an epidural when you will be stuck on the bed. I only had the epidural in the last few hours by which time I was happy to lie down as I was tired.

Good Luck you will be ok

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hi Vanessa

Iwas induced with last 2 girls as waters had broken and was 36wks. I found the most painful part was the needle going into my veins. I have veins that hate needles and hide at the mention of it.
I found labour was quicker being induced. 4hrs and 6hrs. The contractions start out fast once they get going. It took 2 hrs before I felt my first contraction.
Was told that normally if on drip that labour is over within 12hrs.
I could have showers, walk around the hospital grounds, as long as I came back evey 30mins to be checked out. ( I couldn't have a bath as I was early and a risk to bubs.) But my sister had a bath with both of hers. I know quite a few people who have been induced and able to move around and say that being induced wasn't so bad. It is only scary if you let it be. smile
Thanks heaps Girls, I had my last visit with my OB today and he talked more about the gel then the drip, so I feel a lot more comfortable with the whole thing today and also hearing from you guys makes me feel heaps better and reassured, I am getting really excited now, only 8 days till I go to hospital.

Thanks once again

Yep only 7days now, I cant wait!, our son and daughter are very excited, our son (4) keeps asking "when are you going to get the baby out Mummy", we have been counting down the last couple of weeks with him and our daughter (8) has already started to alocate jobs for her and her brother for when the baby comes home from Hospital. I just cant wait to see this little man safe and healthy here now.

Thanks Heaps
Gee, those stories are truely reassuring, but I might not make it Tuesday yet as I had a "show" yesterday and so I called Maternity, they told me to come up which I thought was a bit wierd as I had had no real pains but when I got there they told me that I was already 3cms dilated, this morning I am starting to get little niggles, so I will keep you posted, but if I do make it to Tuesday at least I know now that induction can also go really well Thanks!

Hi Vanessa,

I was induced by drip and had my waters broken and I could still move around as I liked, I just had to take the drip with me.. As it was my first I didnt know what to expect and I was very scared.. I had the epidural after about 15 hrs of labour and it was great.. Gave me time to rest.. (in the end had to have emergency c/section)

If you dont want the epi you shouldnt have to have it, after all its your decision and your body!

I dont know if I have helped but thought id share my story anyway!

Best of luck


Well finally, I can announce the arrival of our sweet little Zachary Dane, Labour went really well and pretty much to plan on the 31st of May, however apparently he came out too quick and when he did, he then developed Resporitary Distress, I held him for about 2 mins before they had him in oxygen, within 24hrs he had not improved, the doctors then called Childflight and the NETS team, who come and flew him to Liverpool hospital New Born Care Unit, he did it really hard for a couple of days had nearly every machine on him but then he decided that he would get better and did so quick, after 6 days and nights of pure hell and dispare we were then flown home yesterday, the Doctors have now given him a clean bill of health ( little terror ).
I would like to say one thing and that is never take anything for granted and, whenever you have an opportunity to donate to these amazing organisations do so, because if it wasnt for Telstra Childflight, N.E.T.S, and Newborn Care Liverpool Hospital, Zachary might not be here.

Good luck to every one and enjoy your new little angels.
Wow, I feel really touched by all your kindness. Yes I agree we are all lucky to have such great technology and the specialists that we do have now in Australia. Once again goodluck to you all, and enjoy your family.

Hi vanessa
not long now
i was induced with my son i had the gel put in at 9pm sent home till the next morning went back to hospital 6am had waters broken at 8:30am then the drip at about 12 midday Jack arrived at 1:09pm i was not tied to the bed could still walk about have shower i just had to keep my arm out of the water i also only used gas as i didnt want an epidural like you didnt like the idea of being stuck to the bed so as far as births go mine was pretty good
hope all goes well and you dont need the epi

karen,QLD,DS#1 6.9.05 DS#2 23.5.07,DS#3 19.01.09

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