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elective c/section? I'm wanting more info... Lock Rss

I have just been over hearing a few people talking about this. Can someone tell me what it is exactly and what your reasons would be to have one.
It's starting to sound better than a natural birth so far.

Personally I would not want a caesar over a natural birth.I had both and even though I had a horrible natural birth the recovery time was far easier and alot quicker! I was driving,washing,cooking and alot more mobile in the first 2 weeks after the natural birth.With the caesar I did not feel up to any of it and I am not a sooky person normally but I really was in alot of pain.

I've only ever had a c/s and it was emergency, and I didn't think it was as bad as how everyone goes on about it. Yeah, the few days after was painful, but what more could you expect from abdominal surgery???? But I was doing everything myself within a fortnight, like driving around, carrying my BIG baby and doing the house work. It all comes down to each person and their situation. I didn't do exercise like sit ups for a while, and thats mainly due to the fact that I'm just a lazy person!!! lol. Of course women who have had a natural labour are going to say go natural, and vice versa...but for me c/s is the best option, and you will know yourself what option is best for you!

Oh and to answer your Question muma_suze, you can opt for an elective c-section without a reason- you will just need to find a Dr that is happy to do it, it's your choice.
Also a c/s performed due to medical reasons (eg-breech) is also called an elective because you know prior to having the baby or you sign the paper work orthorising the precedure. Goodluck

well i have never had a c section but my sister has. and i know that they dont like to to them onless it is ness but you can elect to have one if you want but as for it being better the a natural birth i would say it is not. it may be easier at the start but it takes longer to heal and you cant move for the first day or so. and i have heard it takes longer for your baby to connect with you . i hope that has helped a bit and good luck with it all i wish you the best with what you choose.

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

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