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breech at 34wks Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone else has had or has a breech baby at 34wks. Bubs #3 has been head down until this week. Does anyone know what the chances of it turning back are? Is there anything I can do to help turn it? Any information at all would be great........

Never been in this position before, previous bubs have never been breech. Both also were fairly normal deliveries, and am scared of the idea of having a c/section this time round.......


Hi there.

I am not really sure on methods that work to make bub turn around. My little girl was in breech till 36 weeks, so there may be still time for her to turn. Maybe ask the midwife for suggestions of exercises to do that may aid in her turning. Sorry I couldnt be of much help. Hope it orks out for you.
Dont stress my last two bubs were breach from 32 weeks and both turned days before their births one at 35 weeks and the other at 36 weeks.

Because it is your third you have plenty of room in there .

Hope all works out for you.

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Don't worry too much. My baby was head down at 34 weeks & by 36 weeks he was breech. The next week he was head down just wait & see what happens there is still plenty of room for him to turn back round. Ive heard some midwives can try & turn baby around if a C-Section is really worrying you.

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Found out DD was breech @ 33 weeks and a c-section was scheduled for 38 weeks. In the end my waters broke early at 36 weeks so my delivery was classed as an emergency c-section as it would have been dangerous for me to deliver her vaginally! I was completely calm and of course excited and my c-section turned out to be a wonderful experience with a speedy recovery requiring no extra meds. When they pulled DD out she had the chord wrapped around her neck twice so sometimes i think our bubs are very clever and they just get into a position that is safe and comfortable for them.

I would def. talk over any concerns with your ob so you too can have a good experience!

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