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Is labor near or ???? Lock Rss

Since Sunday I have had shocking lower back ache. I have been a sufferer from back pain for years, but this pain is different. My normal pains go away if I take panadol or I sleep them off over night, however this has not gone away since Sunday.

On saturday I got excruciating pelvic pain again, in my groin and down my inner thighs and went to the toilet for number 2s approx 6 times within 28 hours which is not normal for me. I also noticed a change in the intensity of my braxton hicks contractions and I have had bouts of them a few times a day coming approx 20 - 25 mins apart.

I have also had like an abdominal cramp that lasts anywhere from 2 mins to an hour, that seems to come from my back and to one side, or straight across my tummy.

The other thing is since last thursday I have had "stuff" for lack of a better word, it is not discharge, it is (now this is going to sound gross) sticky, thick and seems to come away in a string or glob. It is clear in some spots, whitish in the rest, and I keep feeling like something coming down and then when I got the mirror to check there is always more of this stuff. There is no blood in it, so I doubt it is the bloody show, but am wondering if it may be the mucus plug starting to come away.

I will be 34 wks on saturday, and feel it is so early and am worried that these are prelabor signs.

When I went up to the hospital yesterday to see my friend I asked the midwife and she said that it sounds like my body is preparing for the birth, she said that the cramping could be my ligaments stretching and that the "stuff" was normal for pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy and I have never had this before and I know as I'm sure most of you do what the normal discharge is like.

Anyhow so I asked another midwife and she said yep it could be a couple weeks away but sounds like your body is getting ready for birth. I told her I had over 6 weeks left to go and she said, hmm looks like you may be having this bubs early.

If I go at 37 wks I won't be that phased, but at only 33 wks I am really worried. So what do you guys make of it? Sorry for the long post smile
Hi Michelle Leanne,

Firstly congrats on your pregnancy!!!

When do you next see your obstetrician (or GP)? I'd be trying to get a appt asap if you can - with all the symptoms you've described, it does sound like early stages of labour, but being only 33 wks i'd be a bit concerned myself.
I'd be wanting a proper checkup and make sure everything was ok.
Everything you descirbed sound perfectly normal for during pregnancy, so it may very well be nothing, but don't they also say if you get pains (back or abdo) and they dont go away when you lie down or take panadol they may be contractions?

I don't want to stress you anymore than you probably are, but I'd try and get an appt with your ob, and if it ends up being nothing at least you got it checked out.

I wish I was getting some of the symptoms you are though!!! I am 39 weeks tom and would really love to go any tick of the clock, but I don't think its going to happen yet!!!!!

Hope all goes fine, let us know what happens.

Cheers, Bek
it may be your mucas plug coming out,though it is quite unsual for a first time mum to loose it

mind you my mucas plug came out 12 days before DD popped her head out

if you are at all concerned get yourself checked out immeditly!!!!

all the best


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Sorry to be off topic is your name Michelle Leanne?
My name is Leanne Michelle !


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