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Waters Breaking Lock Rss

Good Morning ladies..
I awoke to the gushing of my waters breaking at 7am this morning. I am a little mum whom is my support person doesnt fly in from overseas till tomorrow morning..I hope she makes it in time to see her 1st grandchild being born..
I rang my midwife this morning & she told me that I should be resting up because labour will most likely start within the next couple of hours..Wish me luck!!

1st time mummy to baby Taylan born 27/05/06..

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all goes well for you and before you know it you will be holding your beautiful baby in your arms!!!!

Im jealous I still have 4 months to wait......


Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Yes good luck! Keep us posted!!


Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

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