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Painkillers Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there is someone out there who might be able to help me.
I am not sure as to what drugs i should use during labour. Is there any that is harmful to the baby? And what is not?
If anyone could help me that would be great. I am starting to get a bit scared as the day is getting closer and i havent made a decision. Any info will help.

dont be scared! they wouldnt offer drugs in labour if it was going to harm your bubba! i used pretty much everything they offered (there were complications in my labour, and they made me have some)
EPIDURAL - apparantly these are great. they are supposed to numb the bottom half of your body so you dont feel stuff. i was made to have one to lower my blood pressure, but it didnt work at all. they hurt going in (probably more so for me because i didnt want one) but if you really want one, you are probably in so much pain that a little needle would be nothing.
PETHIDINE - this is the best drug anyone has ever invented! i loved it!!!!! i even lied about my weight so i'd get a higher dosage lol. some people dont like it because it can make you feel stoned and out of control. it can also help you to sleep
GAS - i hated it. my partner was sitting on the bed beside me trying to talk me into having it. i took one puff and threw it at him. i probably didnt give it long enough to work though.
PANADINE FORTE - they will usually give you this when you get to the hospital. it does absolutely nothing!
WATER - in the earlier stages of labour, showers work fantastically! i spent hours in there. point the jets onto your back if thats where any of the pain is, and it makes it feel so much better.

while you are in the pushing stage, the only drug they will generally give you is gas. if you have pethidine too close to your baby being born, they will need to give him/her an injection as soon as they are born to reverse the effects (pethidine crosses the placenta to bubba) he/she may seem a little drowsy, but its nothing to worry about. if you have an epi, they will usually turn it down so you can feel when to push your bubba out.

although the drugs can pass over the placenta to your baby, when he/she is born, they will assess how affected it is by the drugs you were given. if needed, they can give a 'reversal' drug to neutralise the effects.

hope this has helped a little

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Tina,

Don't be scared love smile. It's okay. There are a lot of different pain relievers for labour. As suggested by a couple of women and from first hand experience myself, warm water is absolutely heaven (either a bath or shower). Positions can also help minimise the pain you may experience (such as squatting, rocking, leaning over a bean bag, sitting on a yoga ball). As for drugs you can use during labour, they are fairly safe. The gas (nitrous oxide), they give you is short acting as soon as you stop sucking on the mask or mouthpiece it is gone within seconds out of your system (It can make you a little high or some women it can make them feel sick just depends). The pethadine is great for taking the edge of the pain, the down fall is that you cannot have it within the last 2 hours of the birth (approx from about 8cm) as it does cross the placenta and can make bubs a little drowsy after they are born (it will not cause any other symptom but that). If you want total pain relief (where you feel nothing) an epidural is the next pain extinguisher. This causes no harm to the baby and is great is you would like to be awake for a C-section. The only downfall to you with this is that you may not feel the urge to push or may not know how to push and this increases the chance of an assisted delivery (small percentage), but with the right coaching you should be okay. They also have walking epidurals these days as well. Other narcotics such as panadol, panadeine and panadeine forte don't really relieve pain if you are in true labour as they are a different stream of pain killers.
Make a birth plan if you haven't already done so with what pain relief methods you would like to try and in rough order. Don't make any decisions until the day, but a birth plan will put you in the right direction.

I have had two children and having a third on 8/09/06, and with both of my boys I had no pain killers just used water, hot compresses, music and aromatherapy. I have also in my second year of nursing, so have some experience with drugs and precautions, and also of what drugs will do.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

Jo Deacon
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