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Prosterier position birth Lock Rss

I'm just wanting some feedback from anyone who has given birth before to a baby in a prosterier position or who's baby was in the prosterier position but then moved before birth.

I'm 39 weeks and the baby is prosterier and possibly quite large, I am just wondering if I should be really worried.

I was induced with my first daughter due to pre eclampsia and was able to give birth without painkillers.
I have never had a baby poisterier position before but I have heard that if you sit on those gym balls it can help to get baby into the correct position it is worth ago

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Hi,, my frst baby was a brow presentation which involved a long labour and forcepts at the end, the only pain killer I had was a local as they had to cut to make the opening bigger. My last baby was posterior I was told to spend at least 15 minutes twice a day on all fours! when it came to the birth it was all quite quick but baby stayed very high, but all was well in the end she turned as she came down. I had only gas and air. Baby was 3.5kgs. I am sure all will work out well for you - good luck.

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Both of my bubs were prosterior but births were totally different....

My son was 8lb7oz (induced for pre eclampsia), he turned a little bit too late and I ended up with a forceps delivery and an he did try and turn whilst in labour but not quite in time. Mind you it was my first baby and I did not move from the bed!

My daughter was 10lb. I knelt over a bean bag on the floor whilst my hubby put heat packs on my back for the back pain. It didn't take all that long for her to turn (I was only in labour for 3 hrs).....I only used gas. I did tear, but she was 10lb!

As has already been said, you can try and kneel on all fours, I had trouble doing this due to the size and weight of my belly. It was a lot easier to lean on a bean can also try leaning over a chair....straddle it backwards and lean forwards.

Good luck, hope it all works out for you.....

I did a lot of hip rocking (figure eight's) both before and during labour. I did get quite a bit of back pain.

I delivered kneeling on the floor, with elbows on the bed, (getting gravity to help too). I was only in labour for 6.5hrs and that was a first labour.

Heats packs on lower back and heaps of massage helped too.

I did it with no drugs.

Hi there GrayFox,

My DD was estimated to be in Posterior position the whole time i was pregnant which called a fair bit of back pain especially lower back.

At 39weeks she was still OP (posterior) at this check up but i went swimming for the next 3-4days and bubs managed to turn around... easier for them to turn in the water and less uncomfortable for you... smile Plus, weightlessness is fantastic towards the end of pregnancy. I did the on all fours trick and the pool (wading pool depth) and it worked as bubs turned and my labour was 4 1/2hours all up no drugs, small episiotomy. And, she was 3.51kgs or 7lbs11oz, not the AT LEAST 9lb like they thought!

Hope this helps, all the best!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

I suspected #2 was posterior, he ended up sort of posterior but feeling as though he was slightly to the side.

I had a short labour (3 hours) and alot of back pain right at the end. He didn't turn and I sort of delivered on my side (9lb 7oz).

I'd say if this is your second, even though bub is or maybe big there might be room to turn slightly?

All the best.
hi my first son was prosterier postion and i didnt know untill the birth it self i wouldn't say a very long labour or painfull as with my son the pain was all in my back but i did how ever have to have an episitotomey so i could push him out and i had alot og stitches. and i found out that my 3rd son is in the same postion i hope that helps

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