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is it eaiser 3rd time around Lock Rss

hi there im due to have my 3rd baby in less then 3 weeks i want to know if it eaiser 3rd time round my first was only 8 hours my second was 1hour and 57 minutes but both times i had stitches im hoping you can help me if any one has had experinces they can share with me thank you

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

check out another post in this section - "IS LABOUR QUICKER & EASIER 2ND TYM ROUND?"
Congrats on 3rd baby. My 3rd was brilliant. Lasted and hour and a half, no pain relief. Fourth labour was a little longer, but I hardly even felt like I was in labour as it was so easy... Stitches can be needed for a few reasons, but one I remember is trying to push bubba out too maybe (if you did that) try to go a little slower when it somes to the pushing part. My third baby came out in one push, but yes I had a few stitches.
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