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due soon, bit scared! Lock Rss

I have 4 weeks to go till my first baby is due and am really starting to get scared, any ideas or hints to help me feel better, or am I just kidding myself?

Alicia, QLD, mum to Kiara born 10.07.06

It's just natural to start feeling nervous. Are you scared about the birth or looking after the baby and being a mum - or all of them? Just remember that the birth part is out of your hands as you have no control so just try and relax and go with the flow. As for the mum part, you will learn as you go and at least you have this site for help. Also keep in mind that you'll have a beautiful bub in your arms very soon and then you'll be wondering what you we so concerned about.
hi there

it normal to feel nervous, i did.
i was lucky i had such a good midwife, she always new how to reassure me.
when i was 7months pregnant i had everything organised, i had bubbas cot ready, my hospital bag and all the things i was going to need for bubba, i found that helped me relax a bit,
i found that when i thought about my baby i always felt better, that really helped me through my labour, after haleigh wa born i got myself into mothers groups, and i found if i ever needed to talk to someone or needed help with anything i slways had someone to call or visit.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James


of course its so normal to be feelings anxious and nervous and excited all in one.

by the time i had my bubby i was 2 weeks overdue and had put on 30kg's ! going from a size 8 to god konw's what size haha. i was soo excited when my waters finally did break coz i had been waiting sooo long to meet my little boy.

try not to think of the pain etc....think of the excitment that u are soon going to meet ur little baby that u have been waiting 9months for !

hope all goes well


Danni, WA,

Hello smile

hopefully you'll be like me and towards the very last week or so you will just want the bub out and not be as nevous about the labour. Ive only got just under 2 weeks left and im really uncomfortable and just want my labour to hurry up!

I think speaking to lots of women who have been through labour will help, speaking to your midwife for reassurance helps as well.

Try some meditation and yoga.

I hope all goes well for you

Bec xo
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