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Labour??? Lock Rss


Am 38 weeks, almost 39, doc said I was 2cm dilated on wednesday and did an internal to sweep my membranes! Went home feelin ok, but since yesterday arvo have had the WORST period pain feelings, and crampy feelings every 20 mins or so! Also lots of discharge but since last night it has been blood stained? My show perhaps?? I didnt think labour would feel like this so really am not sure.

Anyone out there who can help??

I was reading about labour last night and they reckon if you have any discharge that streaked with blood it could be the start of your labour... lucky girl! lol. I would probably ring the maternity ward at your hospital cos it definately sounds like labour to me. Oh and a question for you... does the midwife or doctor check you? Do you have to ask to be given an internal?
Good Luck, sounds like the early stages... Hope all goes well, and your not this way for too long.

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