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Shoulder Dystocia Lock Rss

I was just wondering whether anyone has had problems with shoulder dystocia during labour. I had problems with my son when he was born.

I just never knew anything about it ( never heard about it either) and i dont know if anyone has had the same experiences as i did at the time.

Let me know would like to heard back from anyone who suffered from the same thing.

Michelle, NSW 4 month old


I had the same problem, my baby was 9lb 9.5oz and was sideways. My labour was 12 hours and I was pushing for 3 hours before they finally told me I would have to have a c-section. I went off my head at them and said I refused to have a c-section. They took me to theatre and tried the forceps first and she eventually came out that way. I am so glad I didnt have to have the c-section.

Diane, Vic, 14/9/05

Hi misa,

What is shoulder dystocia? Why does it happen?? Is it to do with being small and having a bigger than average baby?

Thanks, I've never heard of this but it sounds like a bit of a worry!

Chenoa, NSW, Jasper born 22nd September 06

hi i had shoulder d with my first and my third, my 1st was only 7lb, she suffered a broken clavicle coming out, my second was8lb and fine, my third shoulder d was 9lb4oz, i was stitched and sore, my forth (now 3 weeks old) was 10lb and labor was a killer , waters broke wed contractions till friday , started inducing drugs to hurry along, finally fully dialated sat morn 1am, and he wasnt coming , head there and thats it ,rushed into theatre for e-c-section, delivered 2.35am healthy and happy, next time we will be booking for a c-section.
shoulder d is from the shoulders getting stuck it can happen with any baby(my 2nd was fine) but they cannot tell until head comes out

suzanne,hamilton, n.z

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