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  5. any one know much about a water birth?

any one know much about a water birth? Lock Rss

hey and congrads to all you mums smile

This is my 2nd child and ive been thinking about a water birth as my first was a long painful labour, i was wondering if anyone has had one or is having one and what your thorts on it are?
i dont want drugs (well maybe some gas) and was told that a water birth can be more relaxing also that it can help you not to tear?

any feed back would be great

Jeirlee, kaitlynn2 and baby due oct

Jerilee , Kaitlynn 3, Joshua 28.10- 6.12.06


I havent had one myself but my sister inlaw told me that it is supposed to be more relaxing and less painful but she said that you can only have gas so if you dont want any drugs this is probably the best option for you.
I hope this one is less painful for you. Good luck.

Hi smile

my mum's friend had a water birth and out of her 6 labours she had she said that the water birth was the best and most relaxing for both her and the baby.
She enjoyed being in the water and said that when the bub was born seemed a lot calmer, i think this is because the baby as just left a warm watery environment and is being born into a similar environment. The problem you might have is finding a hospital that will allow you to have a water birth.
Good luck with it all, it seems like a really good idea.

Bec xo
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